Learn the Age-Old “Anatomy” of World-Class Ads

Definition of AdvertiseIf you want to instantly boost the pulling-power of your sales copy and other marketing communications then in makes sense to study what good and bad ads have in common.

Over 50 years ago, advertising legend Leo Burnett analyzed the most common characteristics of his 62 biggest advertising flops (the worst ads his agency ever created).

What he discovered was that all of the ads had a low “verb” and high “adjective” to total word ratio.  He concluded that by adding more “power words” (verbs) and reducing “adjectives” it gives sales copy more pulling-power with readers and more traction in the marketplace!

The Resource: www.104PowerWords.com

Glossary: If you ever find yourself crippled with “writer’s block,” start utilizing Rudyard Kipling’s “Six Servants” – just ask yourself: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY and HOW?



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