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Private Access to Podcast Secrets Preview Call

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My colleague Paul Colligan has also created a superb 10-page Action Guide you can download instantly (PDF printout) as soon as your $20 registration is confirmed.

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List-Building Power with Your “Blog Squeeze”

Bird Flying Over CapitolIf you want to grow a bigger and more responsive list faster, better and easier … then I want you to seriously consider creating a “Blog Squeeze” page as a “back-door” entry to your blog.  By doing so, you’re online list will grow at head-snapping speed!

Every info marketer needs a blog.  And it makes sense for every blog should have a blog squeeze page because for less than $10 annually, you can double, triple and even dectuple (10 times) your opt-in conversion rates, just like I have, utilizing the “Blog Squeeze” principle.

Most information marketers who have blogs do NOT have “Blog Squeeze” pages for their “first-time” visitors. By adding the word “Today” or “Now” and creating a “blog squeeze” page, you will double even triple your opt-in rates.


Glossary: The “Blog Squeeze” page? It’s “back door” entry to your blog that forces an “opt-in” from first-time visitors you get from articles, blog posts, banner and classified ads, and offline or other types of promotions.

“The Power of Personal Growth”

Manny Goldman
Manny Goldman

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On Oct. 4, 2004, Manny Goldman was clinically depressed, weighed 245 lbs., was $100,000,00 in debt, and lost. On Sept. 4, 2005 he was extremely happy, weighed 190 lbs., was financially stable and clear about his purpose.

During this 1-hour Virtual Book Tour, Manny reveals the story behind his latest book, The Power of Personal Growth. The book’s promise is: “Key Insights and Wisdom for Living”.

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“Author And Grow Rich”

Glenn Dietzel
Glenn Dietzel

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Glenn Dietzel shares how to bring instant recognition and qualified leads. He delivers a system to showcase an author’s expertise, passion to bring a flood of qualified leads, and gain instant credibility to quickly set them apart among their competitors.

During this 1-hour Virtual Book Tour, Glenn reveals the story behind his latest book, Author and Grow Rich. The book’s promise is: “How to Write a Money-Making Book in Only 12 Hours!

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