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mp3player_110.jpgIf you’re an author, information marketer, independent professional or Entrepreneurial CEO (and you’re reading this blog post before April 2nd), you can get live access to $99 webcast training and still SAVE $79 on the $99 tuition.

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Here’s my promise: At the end of this 2-hour live tele-training (April 2nd at 6pm PDT/9pm EDT), you’ll discover how Podcasting can not only “recession-proof” your business, but also be your fastest, easiest, most economical marketing method that boosts sales and profits WITHOUT spending a penny more on advertising costs.

My colleague Paul Colligan has also created a superb 10-page Action Guide you can download instantly (PDF printout) as soon as your $20 registration is confirmed.

Click here to get the full story and remember to utilize the VIP Discount Code (below) because it will SAVE you $79 on the $99 normal tuition.

Your VIP Discount Code is: PC916

Key Point: You may invite one friend or colleague back to this blog so they too can take advantage of the VIP Discount.  Just make certain you dial-in 7 minutes early to introduce yourself during the live call.

I hope our paths cross again on the live tele-training.



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