Why Dive at the “Rocks” and NOT the Water?

Acapulco DiverRemember those old Wide World of Sports specials on Saturday afternoons?

One of my favorite events was the Acapulco cliff divers. These guys would scale a steep, rocky, cliff side about 120 feet in the air and then perform beautiful “swan dives” into the crashing surf below.

Before each dive, the divers watch the surf below rise and fall…rise and fall…rise and fall…sometimes for several minutes before taking their leap of faith.  They have to time their jumps perfectly to hit the water at the precise moment the surf is at its highest point.

That way, they have a nice cushion of water to plunge into…one that was far from the rocks beneath. But the most interesting thing of all is this: Because an Acapulco cliff diver dives from so high up, he must jump when he sees the rocks, not the water!  It’s a “leap of faith” if you start to think about it, right?

Bottom Line: If an Acapulco diver jumps when the water tide level is at its highest, he’ll hit rocks because the tide moves out again by the time he hits the water.  But if he jumps when seeing rocks, he hits the cushion of water as the tide rolls back in again.

So why am I telling you this?

I’m telling you this because the same thing is happening for you right now as we head into the Summer months … this is the time of year (in my experience) when my Electronic Marketing student get the most mentally lazy with their Continuing Education.

You’ve climbed the rocks as high as you can go with any of the Continuing Education you’ve learned from in first two Quarters of 2008.  Right?  Well, now is the best time to take another plunge.

Start thinking about what Continuing Education tele-series courses you want to investment in for the Summer months so you’re fully prepared for the most profitable Electronic Marketing Quarter of each year: Q4!

I want you to jump when you see rocks, not water … as you’re thinking about investing in more Continuing Education start budgeting now, so you don’t end up short during the vacation months.

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