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The Power and Influence of “Marketing Lexicons”

30436648.jpgIf you want to burn your brand into minds of your students or customers … then I encourage you to begin thinking about creating your own marketing “lexicon” (vocabulary) in order to develop your own Glossary of Terms.

By so doing, you’ll automatically create your own vocabulary or language that instantly and automatically separates you from your competitors or rivals. Yet most info marketers fail to see the power of developing their own marketing lexicon.

But once you create a new vocabulary to amplify your marketing message (Tim Ferriss does with his 4-Hour Work Week blog and book), you almost instantly become an expert by “defining” your ideas.


Glossary: A “lexicon” is the mental vocabulary in another person’s mind for a specific language, social class, field, industry or glossary that communicates, organizes and pre-defines new ideas or concepts.

Blog Your Book…

…or your book idea or your information product!

If you are an author (or Infopreneur) with a published book, book idea or forthcoming info product launch, then you need to “blog” about it.

If you are a published author, blog from your book. Remember, Alex says you don’t make money writing your book, you make money explaining your book.

If you are an author with an idea for a book, blog about your book. Start creating buzz about it before it’s even published. AND – ask your readers for their ideas and opinions.

You never know what you might hear :-)

You will learn a whole lot more about this blogging strategy on this year’s Virtual Book Tour Systems with Alex Mandossian. Watch for an announcement about the preview call on June 5th.

“The Success Principles For Teens”

Kent Healy and Jack Canfield

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Kent Healy (San Clemente, CA) started his first business at age 15 and by 17 began writing his first book, Cool Stuff They Should Teach in School.

The success of this book and speaking engagements has made Kent one of the most popular and sought after young experts on the topic of success.

Jack Canfield is an American motivational speaker and author. He is best known as the co-creator of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book series, which currently has over 124 titles and 100 million copies in print in over 47 languages.

During this 1-hour Virtual Book Tour, Jack and Kent reveal the story behind their book, The Success Principles for Teens. The book’s promise alone is worth listening to this Virtual Book Tour!

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“The Marketing Chefs”

Tricia Ryan

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Tricia Ryan is author of Hungry to Succeed, a marketing resource full of ideas to help small business owners take their business to the next level. A unique approach that mixes smart marketing practices with tasty culinary advice.

Tricia is founder of The Marketing Chefs, an educational consulting group that provides traditional marketing mixes, new media blends and online strategies. Custom courses include: distance learning, one-on-one coaching, seminars and workshops.

During this 1-hour Virtual Book Tour, Tricia reveals the story behind her book, The Marketing Chefs. The book’s promise is “Ideas to Nourish Your Small Business”.

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Article Marketing for Book Authors

write_110.jpgIf you are an author or an author-to-be, and want to sell more books with less effort then I have four words for you –

articles about

articles from

When you write articles about the topic of your book and create articles from your book, you can create an endless wave of prospects you would never have reached otherwise.

You will learn much more about this strategy on this year’s Virtual Book Tour Systems with Alex Mandossian. Be on the lookout for the opening of registration and the preview call on June 5th.

Who Knows You? (The Power of “Connecting”)

19145686.jpgWhen you want to tap into the power of “connecting” with your friends or business colleagues, remember it’s not who you know … it’s WHO KNOWS YOU that counts most.

Consider the implications of “Metcalfe’s Law“. I won’t go into the formula (you can read about it at Wikipedia), but I will tell you it all started with telephone networks. Then it went into fax networks. Then to operating systems. And then the Internet.

Today, all the hype is about “social networking” sites, right?

Side Note: In 1843, a Scottish mechanic named [Read more…]

“How Come That Idiot’s Rich And I’m Not”

Robert Shemin

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Robert Shemin, JD, MBA, and Wall Street Journal bestseller,
who was once considered the “least likely to succeed,” is a
multi-millionaire who speaks to hundreds of thousands yearly,
regularly sharing the podium with such financial luminaries as Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, David Bach, Suze Orman and
Tony Robbins.

During this 1-hour Virtual Book Tour, Robert tells the story behind his latest book, How Come That Idiot’s Rich and I’m Not? The book’s promise is: “Get Rich, Stay Rich, Live Rich”.

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Entrepreneurial “Idiot” or “Mystic?” – You Judge…

Robert SheminI recently read Robert Shemin’s new book in one sitting on a flight to Vancouver, BC.

It’s titled, “How come THAT idiot’s rich and I’m Not?” and although he writes that the “idiot” in him made him wealthy (on page 21), if you get and read his book, you my feel he’s more of an entrepreneurial “mystic” of sorts.

You be the judge by listening to our live Virtual Book Tour.  All I know is that Robert’s first sentence of the fifth paragraph on page 29 is worth 100 times what you’ll pay for his book.

I’ve been thinking about that 4-word sentence because it’s the most obvious, yet thought-provoking sentence I’ve read in a long time.

Here’s the sentence: “Real wealth is time.”

When you think about it, what the mega-wealthy buy most [Read more…]

“Harmonic Wealth”

James Ray

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James Arthur Ray has traveled the globe, devoting more than two decades to studying the thoughts, actions, and habits of those who create true wealth in every area of life. A World Thought Leader, popular speaker, and featured expert in

The Secret, James is one of the few spiritual teachers with stellar business credentials (as an entrepreneur, and also as a top sales manager and personal and business growth expert with AT&T). He’s been a recent guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Larry King Live, Moneyline, Good Morning America, ABC World News Tonight, and the Today show.

During this 1-hour Virtual Book Tour, James reveals the story behind his latest book, Harmonic Wealth. The book’s promise is: “The Secret of Attracting The Life You Want”.

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The Leveraging Power of VBTs

Happy For No Reason Book CoverIf you’re an author or infopreneur who wants to sell more books (or info products) without having to travel to bookstores or speak at seminars, then the “Virtual Book Tour” is your passport to wealth.

Many best-selling authors still travel from bookstore to bookstore during the promotional launch of their new books.

Yet they these same info marketers can capture more publicity and broaden promotional reach through the repurposing power VBTs.

Check out the resource below to get private access to a national best-selling author who decided that a Virtual Book Tour was a faster, easier and better way to promote her book.


Glossary: A “Virtual Book Tour” is a live or pre-recorded teleseminar during which authors explain their books once, instead of traveling to dozens book stores.