Entrepreneurial “Idiot” or “Mystic?” – You Judge…

Robert SheminI recently read Robert Shemin’s new book in one sitting on a flight to Vancouver, BC.

It’s titled, “How come THAT idiot’s rich and I’m Not?” and although he writes that the “idiot” in him made him wealthy (on page 21), if you get and read his book, you my feel he’s more of an entrepreneurial “mystic” of sorts.

You be the judge by listening to our live Virtual Book Tour.  All I know is that Robert’s first sentence of the fifth paragraph on page 29 is worth 100 times what you’ll pay for his book.

I’ve been thinking about that 4-word sentence because it’s the most obvious, yet thought-provoking sentence I’ve read in a long time.

Here’s the sentence: “Real wealth is time.”

When you think about it, what the mega-wealthy buy most with their money is time.

Bill Gates doesn’t iron his own shirts. Steve Jobs doesn’t make his phone appointments.  Oprah Winfrey doesn’t do house cleaning.  They buy the time with their wealth by having others do it for them.

Frank Sinatra didn’t move pianos. He chose to “buy time” and outsource that task.

What about you?  How much time do you intend on buying with the wealth you accumulate?

When you buy a Clear Pass in airports these days, you’re really buying time (specifically, by side-stepping the long lines at security checkpoints).  My friend Bill Phillips buys time when he flies on his private jet.

I buy time for my family by hiring housekeepers, babysitters, gardeners, hot tub cleaners, handymen, IT professionals and the list goes on and on. The more wealth I accumulate, the more time I buy.

I don’t even plan my family vacations anymore … I let my “travel consultant” do it.  Why?  Because it buys me more time.

When you’ve get an extra 300 seconds to spare, I encourage you to make wish list of tools, skills and outsourcing resources that buy you more time.

For travel, maybe it’s a helicopter.  For daily activities, maybe it’s a personal assistant.  For fitness, maybe it’s a personal trainer. For diet, maybe it’s a personal cook.  You decide :-)

Buying time may not automatically add years to your life, but it sure does instantly enhance the quality of your life.



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