The Power and Influence of “Marketing Lexicons”

30436648.jpgIf you want to burn your brand into minds of your students or customers … then I encourage you to begin thinking about creating your own marketing “lexicon” (vocabulary) in order to develop your own Glossary of Terms.

By so doing, you’ll automatically create your own vocabulary or language that instantly and automatically separates you from your competitors or rivals. Yet most info marketers fail to see the power of developing their own marketing lexicon.

But once you create a new vocabulary to amplify your marketing message (Tim Ferriss does with his 4-Hour Work Week blog and book), you almost instantly become an expert by “defining” your ideas.


Glossary: A “lexicon” is the mental vocabulary in another person’s mind for a specific language, social class, field, industry or glossary that communicates, organizes and pre-defines new ideas or concepts.



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