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“The Freedom Formula”

Christine Kloser

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Christine has been an entrepreneur since 1991, when she knew the moment she received her first check directly from a client, that an entrepreneurial lifestyle was the only option for her. Having faced the ups and downs of 17 years of business

ownership (including near bankruptcy) she has come out ahead. And, now dedicates her work to helping other entrepreneurs avoid the pitfalls she made by teaching them how to blend passion and purpose with bottom-line profit. 

During this 1-hour Virtual Book Tour, Christine reveals the story behind her book, The Freedom Formula. The book’s promise is “How To Put Soul In Your Business And Money In Your Bank”.

Recession-Proofing with Article Marketing

cliffs_110.jpgOne of my favorite shows as a kid was Get Smart. So I was excited to hear about the movie version that opened this summer. The new Get Smart movie got me to thinking about how to get smart with our article marketing efforts.

International Article Agents

Imagine what it would it be like if you could have a 300 to 500 word sample of your expertise spread all over the internet working for you 24/7 all over the world.

Now imagine having ten of those “international article agents.”

Now imagine having 100 of those “international article agents.”

Now imagine being able to [Read more…]

Do You Believe These to be 9 Unarguable Truths?

write_110.jpgFacts or fiction?  That’s the question that accompanies this recent email I got from a friend. Maybe you’ve seen it, maybe you haven’t … but I thought it was worth passing along :-)

These should probably be taped to your bathroom mirror where you can read it every day. You may not realize it, but the original “sender” claimed that these are 100% true.

1) There are at least 2 people in this world that you would die for.

2) At least 15 people in this world love you in some way.

3) The only reason anyone would ever hate you is because [Read more…]


Mark MacKenzie

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Mark MacKenzie is the owner of Mark MacKenzie Real Estate Planning, a Phoenix, Arizona, based real estate brokerage that specializes in
providing their clients vital real estate

related information from around the world and within their communities. This information allows those clients to make better informed decisions when making investments.

During this 1-hour Virtual Book Tour, Mark reveals the story behind his book, Marketopoly. The book’s promise is “The Definitive Guide to Beating The Real Estate Recession and Winning at The Game of Investment Real Estate”.

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List Building with Articles

Here is what I know with certainty:

If I want more visitors, I write more articles.

If I want more prospects, I write more articles.

If I want more teleseminar listeners, I write more articles.

If I want more customers, I write more articles.

If I want more profits, I write more articles.

And if I want more highly qualified, highly responsive people on my list, I write more articles. I strongly suggest you [Read more…]

Do You ‘Tweet’ For Your Business?

TwitterDo you ‘tweet’ for your business? If you don’t you should. Twitter has really caught on as a traffic builder.

Tweets are short little posts commenting on what you are doing right now. The key to using Twitter effectively is participation. You must listen as well as speak. The more you listen and respond, the more people will ‘follow you’.

When you tweet, your message is broadcast to everyone who is following you.  If your ‘tweet’ is interesting, your followers will want to see what you are all about and will click over to your blog.

Write a new blog post? Tweet about it. Launching a new product? Tweet about it. Working on a new project? Tweet about it.

The more you interact, the more people will interact with you. So, go over to Twitter and set up an account. Search for people you know and start following them. Start ‘tweeting’ and watch what happens!

“The 7 Pitfalls Of Single Parenting”

Carolyn Ellis

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Carolyn Ellis is the author of the award-winning The 7 Pitfalls of Single Parenting. With 50% of marriages ending in divorce and 1 in 3 Americans part of a blended family, this simple yet powerful handbook will help families experiencing divorce. She founded to provide success strategies and resources to separated
and divorced individuals.

During this 1-hour Virtual Book Tour, Carolyn reveals the story behind her book, The 7 Pitfalls of Single Parenting. The book’s promise is “What to Avoid to Help Your Children Thrive after Divorce”.

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The “Donkey In The Farmer’s Well” Parable

donkey-in-well.jpgOkay, so maybe this isn’t an Aesop Fable, but I do hope you enjoy the message because it applies to Entrepreneurial CEOs under any economic conditions – upswings or downswings.

Visit and feel free to pass it on to your friends, colleagues or even loved-ones.

The Morale: “Shake it off and take a step up…” :-)

The Birth of the “Virtual Book Tour”

November 20th, 2002 was an important day for me.

On that evening, I drove into the Book Passage (bookstore) parking lot in Corte Madera, CA and I met Al and Tipper Gore during their live “physical” book signing. I was shocked when I discovered that they only sold a few hundred books. I knew there had to be a better way.

The better way to sell books or info products is a Virtual Book Tour … which has been the topic of this video blog and my 4-module series.

Since 2002, I’ve conducted nearly a hundred Virtual Book Tours (“VBTs”). And today, I charge almost $5K to interview authors (for 60 minutes) and mail my online list on their behalf.

If you’re reading this before June 5th at 6pm Pacific (9pm Eastern), that evening I’m hosting a live Preview Call for my VBT teleseries and I want you to attend.

If you register before the dealine, you’ll save $79 on your tuition as a result of reading this blog post with this Discount Code: gabe1025.

Click here to get the full story if you missed the deadline.

21 Proven Ways to Repurpose Your Teleseminars

The single most overlooked info marketing strategy is “repurposing.”

No other strategy offers authors and Infopreneurs so much leverage to accelerate the productivity of your info marketing business.  You can get the full story on my 2-hour VBT Preview Call.

Watch the video above in its entirety and make certain you pull-down the 21 Repurposing Tips PDF Report I give you online access to at the end.  Your candid comments below will be most appreciated :-)