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Walter E. DisneyForeword:  One of the dominant behavioral traits of history’s most successful Entrepreneurial CEOs is: tenacity.

When you look it up in any dictionary you’ll soon discover that it’s typically defined with two-word combinations such as: persistent determination, stubborn perseverance and unrelenting doggedness.

Anytime a behavioral trait like that requires an adjective and a noun to be defined accurately, it’s something I enjoy looking into … and that’s why this month’s “Tenacity Spotlight” is on Walt Disney.

Biographer Dr. Gene Landrum reports, “Creative geniuses [Read more…]

Get More Promotional Impact with FAQ Templates

monk_110If you want to capture more online sales faster, better and with the least amount of human effort … then I encourage you to develop FAQ templates.

Adding FAQ sections to your websites and other marketing communications are often your very best automated sales tools that consistently and repeatedly capture more sales by minimizing resistence.

Having an FAQ is a time-proven way to train your sales team to overcome prospect objections.


Glossary: An “FAQ” section stands for “Frequently Asked Questions” and it’s a powerful promotional tool utilized with autoresponders, websites, direct mail, teleseminars and other types of marketing

“The Thrillionaire”

Nik Halik

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Nik Halik is the founder and CEO of Financial Freedom
Institute, Money Masters Global, and co-founder of The Intelligence Group of Companies.

In this 1-hour Virtual Book Tour, Nik tells the story behind his book, The Thrillionaire. The book’s promise is “To Make Your Life an Epic and Extraordinary Adventure”.

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Article Marketing Secrets to Repeatedly Attract MORE Consistent Website Traffic

32169674.jpgOnce your articles are posted on the article directories, they are there forever bringing you traffic and visitors.

These are what I call your evergreen lifer articles. They’re lifers. They’re evergreen. They’re always going to be there. I have evergreen articles in two places.

1. It’s amazing to me when I get Google alerts for my name and some newspaper somewhere in the world has pulled off the wire an article I wrote in 1995 and used it in their newspaper. It just stuns me! That’s offline where these are evergreen.

2. Online I discovered article directories in the spring of 2005. Somebody told me about it on a call. Those of you that struggle with being able to be an expert and being able to talk [Read more…]

“Whats My Purpose”

Jim White, Ph.D.

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Jim White is President of JL White International and creator of The Circle of Success, a customized , year-long leadership and management transformation process.

During this 1-hour Virtual Book Tour, Jim tells the story behind his book, What’s My Purpose. The book’s promise is “A Journey of Personal and Professional Growth”.

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CASE STUDY: “Back-2-Back” Launch Methodology

Hosting two Tele-Clinics (Back-2-Back) can lead to long-term profits…

Story Behind Tele-Clinic #1: On July 7th, 2008 I purchased a URL which is a “forwarding” URL to track the opt-in conversion of a “squeeze” page for a free Teleseminar.

I’ll refer to it in this CASE STUDY as Tele-Clinic #1 because it’s the first of two Tele-Clinics on Thursday evening, July 17th.

Tele-Clinic #1 is scheduled at 5pm Pacific (8pm Eastern) and it even has an online “step-by-step” tutorial you can experience now by visiting:

Story Behind Tele-Clinic #2: On April 23rd, 2008, I took out my handy FlipVideo player and created a 15-minute impromptu video of the actual “Limo Consultation” Wayne Van Dyck paid me for. (It’s the video on this post!)

This is a time-proven marketing strategy I’m utilizing more and more for product launches and I call it [Read more…]

“The Answer”

John Assaraf
& Murray Smith

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John Assaraf is an international bestselling author, lecturer and consummate entrepreneur with a passion for brain research
and quantum physics

Murray Smith has built more than a dozen of his own businesses and helped hundreds of other business owners increase revenues, profits and value.

During this Virtual Book Tour, Murray and John tell the story behind their book, The Answer. The book’s promise is “Grow Any Business, Achieve Financial Freedom, and Live An Extraordnary Life”.

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You Are “The Message”

questionsign_110.jpg“The medium is the message” is a phrase coined by Marshall McLuhan meaning that the form of a medium imbeds itself in the message, creating a symbiotic relationship by which the medium influences how the message is perceived.

The phrase was first introduced in his most widely known book, Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, published in 1964, which was also the year I was born :-)

McLuhan proposed that media itself, not the content carried, should be the focus of the communication.

Well, I don’t agree.  I think the Messenger is the Message.  You, as the content provider, are the Message. Check out what I mean here on this 5-minute video:

You don’t have to agree with me, but I do want you to [Read more…]

“Improver” or “Inventor” in Your Business?

“Never invent, always improve.”Target

This four-word sentence is indelibly etched in my mind right now. I also have that quote framed and hanging on the wall of my home office.

The marketing philosophy of choosing improvement over invention has generated millions of dollars for my info publishing business and my students’ businesses.

Although the idea of becoming an “Improver” is not as sexy as being known as an “Inventor,” it is improvement, not invention, that has generated billions for some of the most renowned Thought Leaders in history. Ironically, many of these folks have been inaccurately dubbed as “Inventors.”

Here’s one example: Nikola Tesla invented the modern alternating current electric power (AC) systems. Thomas Edison improved it. Telsa died broke. Edison died a millionaire.

Here’s another: Charles Haanel is the true [Read more…]

“Strength For Life”

Shawn Phillips

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Instrumental in building the industry of performance nutrition, Shawn most recently created the Full Strength Premium Nutrition Shake, pioneering a brand new category known as “fast performance food.”

Shawn is also the creator of Focus Intensity Training, a system integrating body and mind; blending the depth of Eastern traditions with the Western form and function of strength training.

During this 1-hour Virtual Book Tour, Shawn reveals the story behind his book, Strength For Life. The book’s promise is “The Fitness Plan for the Rest of Your Life”.

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