“Improver” or “Inventor” in Your Business?

“Never invent, always improve.”Target

This four-word sentence is indelibly etched in my mind right now. I also have that quote framed and hanging on the wall of my home office.

The marketing philosophy of choosing improvement over invention has generated millions of dollars for my info publishing business and my students’ businesses.

Although the idea of becoming an “Improver” is not as sexy as being known as an “Inventor,” it is improvement, not invention, that has generated billions for some of the most renowned Thought Leaders in history. Ironically, many of these folks have been inaccurately dubbed as “Inventors.”

Here’s one example: Nikola Tesla invented the modern alternating current electric power (AC) systems. Thomas Edison improved it. Telsa died broke. Edison died a millionaire.

Here’s another: Charles Haanel is the true “father of the personal development” in my opinion. He invented The Master Key System, yet he died in obscurity acknowledged by only a few loyal followers.

Napoleon Hill improved Haanel’s philosophies and commercialized it with Think And Grow Rich and today is publicly acknowledged as “father of personal development.”

Here’s another example to drill my point deep…

The “assembly line” was invented long before Henry Ford walked through a meat-packing house in Chicago on one fateful afternoon. He observed that each butcher had a single, specialized task. This was nothing new to the meat-packing industry, but it was revolutionary and a brand new innovation for automaking.

Henry Ford was NOT the Inventor of the assembly line. He was the Improver. Yet, it was this single improvement that gave Ford a definitive competitive advantage over his 2,000+ auto manufacturing rivals at the time. As a result, Henry Ford became one of the wealthiest human beings of his era.

What does improvement have to do with you?

If you’re an author, info marketer (Infopreneur) or small business owner who utilizes information to accelerate the growth of your business, then the single most powerful “improvement” you can make to your bottom line is utilizing the power of “repurposing.”

I didn’t coin the term, but I’m doing whatever it takes to make it common among my students and Infopreneurs throughout the world. And I do talk about it a lot in Virtual Book Tour Secrets.

Because you’ve read this far, then my sense is you’re wondering how “improvement” can add a few zeros to your profit margins. If you’re nodding your head yes right now, then I encourage you to start repurposing your existing info products, rather than inventing new ones from a standing start.

Repurposing always requires less human effort on your part because you get to avoid the trouble and struggle of creating or “inventing” new info products from scratch. There’s nothing “sexy” about that.

All I’m encouraging you to do then is to simply repurpose what you already have into new versions (creating new “product species,” as I call them) and automatically fatten your bottom line faster, better and a lot easier.

End of story.

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