CASE STUDY: “Back-2-Back” Launch Methodology

Hosting two Tele-Clinics (Back-2-Back) can lead to long-term profits…

Story Behind Tele-Clinic #1: On July 7th, 2008 I purchased a URL which is a “forwarding” URL to track the opt-in conversion of a “squeeze” page for a free Teleseminar.

I’ll refer to it in this CASE STUDY as Tele-Clinic #1 because it’s the first of two Tele-Clinics on Thursday evening, July 17th.

Tele-Clinic #1 is scheduled at 5pm Pacific (8pm Eastern) and it even has an online “step-by-step”┬átutorial you can experience now by visiting:

Story Behind Tele-Clinic #2: On April 23rd, 2008, I took out my handy FlipVideo player and created a 15-minute impromptu video of the actual “Limo Consultation” Wayne Van Dyck paid me for. (It’s the video on this post!)

This is a time-proven marketing strategy I’m utilizing more and more for product launches and I call it the “Video Flipping” method.

What you do is to get yourself a Flip Video recorder for under $200 and then take live videos that represent your video sales letter! It’s fast. It’s fun. And it works like gangbusters!

The purpose of the video (taken live on April 23rd, 2008) was to promote Wayne’s new amazing software tool that I decided to “rebrand” as Smart Start Sites. (Again, the video on this post is the video I’m talking about).

When you’ve got 15 minutes to spare, watch this video (the one on this post) from beginning until end because you’ll discover how “video flipping” makes for the most authentic and most effective product launches possible.

Tele-Clinic #1 Recap: Tele-Clinic #1 happens on July 17th at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern (it may have already happened if you’re reading this post after that date) and I’ve promoted it at NewAmazingSoftware

Results: The conversion ranged from a whopping 38.3% to up to 61.4% at … depending on the traffic sources. Over 2,100 people registered and I made a point NOT to have a “recording” or “replay” of Tele-Clinic #1 available to influence more people to listen live.

Does the “Back-2-Back” teleseminar launch method make sense?

Tele-Clinic #2 Recap: Over 83 people opted to take advantage of the $1 trial for 14 days and take part in Tele-Clinic #2 within 48 hours of my first email invitation. (I imposed a registration limit for Tele-Clinic #2 for the first 250 people to influence more sign-ups).

With more $1 test-drives in the queue before July 17th … I could create a bigger “stand-by” list which involved anyone who wanted to register beyond the first 250.

The concept of “First-come, first-served” is an effective Actionizer (elicits immediate action) and the “stand-by” list method is also effective because as some of the first 250 registrants drop out or cancel, they immediately get replaced by “stand-by” list people.

Results: Typically, if you do the “Back-2-Back” campaign method right, you’ll get about a 20-30% attrition or cancel rate. But, that’s okay if you have plenty of “stand-by” list registrants replace any of the future “dropouts.” :-)

Now I have no idea if you’ll ever utilize the “Back-2-Back” methodology to launch your next software product or membership sites, if you’ve read this far, I certainly hope you give this marketing method a fair try.

And if you sell or promote anything on ClickBank, I do encourage you to take a closer look at the advantages of what Smart Start Sites has to offer your business … especially if you’re a “start-up” or make less than $250K online.



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