Article Marketing Secrets to Repeatedly Attract MORE Consistent Website Traffic

32169674.jpgOnce your articles are posted on the article directories, they are there forever bringing you traffic and visitors.

These are what I call your evergreen lifer articles. They’re lifers. They’re evergreen. They’re always going to be there. I have evergreen articles in two places.

1. It’s amazing to me when I get Google alerts for my name and some newspaper somewhere in the world has pulled off the wire an article I wrote in 1995 and used it in their newspaper. It just stuns me! That’s offline where these are evergreen.

2. Online I discovered article directories in the spring of 2005. Somebody told me about it on a call. Those of you that struggle with being able to be an expert and being able to talk to people about stuff, I was on a practice building call talking about writing and marketing articles to build a business and I had never heard of article directories.

This was about a year before article marketing really took off. It had always been there. On that call one of the listeners told me about article directories and I thought, “What a great idea!”

So articles that I had submitted to the online directories in the spring of 2005 are still working for me every day. I want to drive this home to you about the importance of this long-term traffic.

“This is traffic that produces income from something you did once years ago.”

Most people in the world trade their hours for dollars. They do something once and they get paid for it. They do something else again and they get paid again. Hours for dollars.

Even when I was a relationship coach in Florida, I was still trading dollars for hours. Now for every hour spent with somebody I got $150, so it was a nice trade, but it was still limited.

Work once, get paid. Work once, get paid. Work once, get paid.

The beauty of using the internet right and using article marketing specifically correctly is that you get to work once and get paid, get paid, get paid, get paid, get paid, get paid, and get paid over again.

Work once, get paid once – vs – work once, get paid, get paid, get paid, get paid, get paid.

Bottom line? – Work once with each article and get paid over and over. And you can learn more about how to do it when you watch 3 free short videos on creating endless waves of visitors wtih your articles and video articles by going to



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