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Write Your Blog Posts by Repurposing

Watch, Book, and GlassesIf you think you don’t have enough ideas to post to your blog regularly, please read on …

If you have done teleseminars, written articles, done podcasts, written a book or an e-book, or are thinking of writing a book, then you have so many blog posts you won’t know where to start!

A 60 minute teleseminar has the potential for dozens of blog posts.  Your book or book idea is too many blog posts to count. And one 7 tips article is perfect for 7 (or more) blog posts.

Look at EVERYTHING you’ve already done and repurpose your own material into your blog posts.

The opposite of that works too.  If you have a lot of blog posts already, repurpose them into other products.  Your only limitation is your imagination.

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The Universal Language of “Flow Charting”

BusinessmanIf you want to boost the impact of your marketing communications … then start turning your “static” mental ideas into “dynamic” flow charts.

Most entrepreneurial CEOs typically do not take the time to “flow chart” their marketing launches or business plans, yet no skill is more valuable in getting your point across faster, better and easier.

You won’t find the concept, “verbal vision” in Wikipedia or any online dictionary, but I utilize it regularly to describe two important concepts that lead to better business presentations.

To me, Verbal means “words and ideas expressing movement” and Vision means “the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be.”  So then to flow chart (when utilized as a verb) means to graphically express the process and direction of your ideas.


Glossary: A “flow chart” is a verbal and graphic description of a process or stages of a project that provides a useful language for communicating a personal or professional vision.

Learn To “Leverage” Your Marketing Productivity

BrittanyIf you want to accelerate your professional productivity (maximum results in minimum time), then you must discover the secret to “virtualizing your physical enterprise.”

The best way to “virtualize” is simply to “leverage” human activities and replace them with “robotic” or “automated” activities.

Leverage here is defined as maximum productivity with minimum effort). A great example of how one best-selling author replaced “human” effort with leveraged automation is Jack Canfield with The Success Principles.

Jack and Mark Victor Hansen have sold over 100 million Chicken Soup books over the years uti lizing the “human” effort of physical promotion and book tours.  Yet, one “Virtual Book Tour” can sell more than 20 bookstore visits!


Glossary: “Virtualization” is the process of transforming redundant “human” multi-effort activities into single effort “virtual” results such as replacing many “physical” book tours with one Virtual Book Tour.

Reach Repurposing Heaven with 7 Tips Articles

Open BookIf you want to go to Repurposing Heaven (without the inconvenience of dying, thank you Alex) then one of the quickest strategies is writing 7 Tips Articles.

Pick a specific topic in your niche and make a list of 7 tips.  Add a few lines of explanation to each tip and you have a 7 Tips Article.  Use each one of those tips as a blog post, Twitter post and a Facebook post.

Add a few more lines to each tip, break it into seven episodes and you have a 7 part ecourse.  Turn each tip into it’s own separate article.  Repurpose each tip into a chapter, and you have a 7 chapter ebook.

Finally turn your 7 Tips Article into a teleseminar, and your Action Guide is the outline of the seven tips.  And folks, we are just getting started with the nearly 100 ways you can repurpose a 7 Tips Article.

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“Killing Sacred Cows”

Garrett B. Gunderson

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Garrett B. Gunderson is an entrepreneur who became a multi-millionaire at age 26. He is the owner of 5 companies and winner of the SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year. He claims that 401Ks are a hoax!

During this one-hour Virtual Book Tour, Garrett tells the story behind his book, Killing Sacred Cows.

The book’s promise is “Overcome the 9 Financial Myths that are Destroying Your Prosperity”.

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