Reach Repurposing Heaven with 7 Tips Articles

Open BookIf you want to go to Repurposing Heaven (without the inconvenience of dying, thank you Alex) then one of the quickest strategies is writing 7 Tips Articles.

Pick a specific topic in your niche and make a list of 7 tips.  Add a few lines of explanation to each tip and you have a 7 Tips Article.  Use each one of those tips as a blog post, Twitter post and a Facebook post.

Add a few more lines to each tip, break it into seven episodes and you have a 7 part ecourse.  Turn each tip into it’s own separate article.  Repurpose each tip into a chapter, and you have a 7 chapter ebook.

Finally turn your 7 Tips Article into a teleseminar, and your Action Guide is the outline of the seven tips.  And folks, we are just getting started with the nearly 100 ways you can repurpose a 7 Tips Article.

And to get you started, I’m inviting you to go to to claim your instant free access to my 7 Tips Instant Article Template.



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