The Universal Language of “Flow Charting”

BusinessmanIf you want to boost the impact of your marketing communications … then start turning your “static” mental ideas into “dynamic” flow charts.

Most entrepreneurial CEOs typically do not take the time to “flow chart” their marketing launches or business plans, yet no skill is more valuable in getting your point across faster, better and easier.

You won’t find the concept, “verbal vision” in Wikipedia or any online dictionary, but I utilize it regularly to describe two important concepts that lead to better business presentations.

To me, Verbal means “words and ideas expressing movement” and Vision means “the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be.”  So then to flow chart (when utilized as a verb) means to graphically express the process and direction of your ideas.


Glossary: A “flow chart” is a verbal and graphic description of a process or stages of a project that provides a useful language for communicating a personal or professional vision.



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