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“What are we ‘Split Testing’ today?”

Split ArrowI ask myself that 6-word question at the beginning of each day … and I’ve asked it repeatedly ever since December, 2004.

And one of the things I’m certain of is that this world-class question – more than any other question I ask daily – has unlocked the door to the secret passageway to accelerated growth, wealth and success.

I encourage YOU to ask yourself (and YOUR Team): “What are we Split Testing today?” at the beginning of each day and then sit back, relax and watch what happens for the rest of your day ;-)

Magically, this powerful “marketing declaration” almost instantly puts you (and your Team members) into a more Socratic and more “market-centered” Mindset.

This is one of those world-class questions that puts you in the marketer’s “driver seat” to capture more profits, faster, better and easier … without the burden of truth needing to rest on YOUR marketing shoulders any longer.

In my own business, this world-class question has assisted me to achieve more accelerated growth month after month, without the typical stress and worry that accompanies marketing guesswork.

That’s why I want you to take a moment – right now – and review the 14 single-variable split tests [Read more…]

QUICK TIP: Automatically Syndicates Your Content

share-this.jpgIf you publish a blog or a website, the ShareThis plug-in (WordPress, Blogger, TypePad and websites) instantly boosts your content distribution!

Its quick, easy and almost automatic syndication for web publishers … and best of all, all you need is one clutter-free tracking button.

(See it at the lower-left corner of this post?)

Because it’s becoming more and more difficult to keep up with the growing number social media communities the ShareThis plug-in lets you instantly access all of your profiles, friends, and contacts for easy sharing and updating.

Give it a test-drive as a reader of this post and if you like the experience, plug-it into your blogs and other websites as an online publisher.  You and your website visitors will be glad you did.

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Bilaal Rajan – An Underage Overachiever Who is “Making Change”

Bilaal RajanMeet Bilaal Rajan.  He is 12 years old and lives in Toronto, Canada with his parents.

He started his first micro-fundraising campaign when most kids start reading.  At the age of four, Bilaal sold clementines to help raise money for the victims of a devastating earthquake in India.

Through his leadership, he has helped raise millions dollars for children in Southeast Asia, Haiti and Africa.  In March, 2005, Bilaal became UNICEF’s Canada Child Representative.

In 2007, he became the Mega Challenge “Top Vote-Getter” for Teleseminar Secrets.  In 2008 his new book, Making Change ~ Tips from an Underage Overachiever (Orca Book Publishers) is destined to become a worldwide best-seller!

You can help him out now by [Read more…]

“Creative Imitation” Boosts Your Productivity

Kids at LockerIt’s often said that “imitation is the greatest form of flattery.”

It’s also said by Alex Mandossian to “Never invent, always improve” which he also refers to as as Creative Imitation.

Peter F. Drucker, often acknowledged as the “father of modern management” also had something to say about this important marketing principle in The Essential Drucker.

Here are two interesting examples of creative imitation:

Example 1: In December of 2006 I took Alex’s Teleseminar Secrets Training for the first time. After Module 2, I decided to jump in and held my first teleseminar on Article Marketing on December 20, 2006.

Little did I know how huge a journey that first step would lead to, nor the rocket ride to success that was coming.

By “creatively imitating” Alex I soon discovered how to [Read more…]

Ezine Articles + Twitter = More Exposure

print_110.jpgMy favorite and most effective article directory is EzineArticles.  And thanks to my good friend and colleague Jeff Herring, I have had over one hundred (yes 100+ articles) posted there within the last few months.

How?  Simply by “repurposing” faster, better and with less human effort.  I can do this because I write with my mouth, not with my hands utilizing Teleseminar content as my core article material.

More Exposure: If you’re an info marketer who wants more reach with your articles, I recommend you set-up your EzineArticles account to automatically post your approved articles to your Twitter profile.

It’s that easy and powerful!

Key Point:  On September 17th, 2008 I received a call from [Read more…]

CASE STUDY: The “Irresistible Rebate” Offer

Big Top Tent Inside / OutsideSince 2001, I’ve utilized an electronic marketing methodology (combined with “offline” direct mail) called the Irresistible Rebate Offer.

Click here to see a winning example of an Irresistibe Rebate Offer with my good friend and colleague, Brendon Burchard.  This promotional method works fast, it’s reliable and very, very easy to execute.

Background: Brendon asked me to promote his “Big Tent” event with internationally best-selling authors, Marianne Williamson, John Gray and world-renowned wealth coach, Bill Harris.

I originally declined as an Affiliate – despite the 90% commission I’d receive on each $97 ticket I sold – because [Read more…]

Are You “Open” with Your Marketing Interactions?

Computer GraphicThe Johari Window is an important “quadrant” model named after it’s two inventors, Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham (“Jo-Hari”).

Personally, I’ve found it to be the most useful “window” of opportunity to analyze the fascinating process of human interaction, especially in business interactions between Entrepreneurs and their prospects or customers.

The Johari Window has four panes (quadrants) and divides “personal awareness” into four different classes: Open, Hidden, Blind and Unknown. The lines dividing the four panes are like [Read more…]

CASE STUDY: The “Fusion” Web Audio Billboard

alex-sitting.jpgIf you ever want to add more affiliate partnership sales within the “event marketing” micro-niche, the absolute best way I’ve found that attracts more referrals is “fusing” a 5-minute online AUDIO with a one-page webpage (BILLBOARD).

I call it the “Audio Billboard” marketing method and over the past decade generated a few hundred thousand dollars in sales and profits with simple no-nonsense audio messages.

Click here to see an example of the Audio Billboard I created in less than 5 minutes with [Read more…]

Discover the Power of “Soft Squeeze” Pages

Old ComputerIf you want to catapult your “pass-it-on” value of your free event marketing teleseminars … then it pays to consider the prospecting power of soft squeeze pages.

Most event marketers utilize the forced opt-in (“hard squeeze”) registration method to maximize list building efforts for their teleseminar events

Yet, the soft squeeze page is a fast, easy and counter-intuitive way to increase the size of your prospect list because you give the option of sampling your info product before requesting an email address.  This marketing secret is particularly effective with attracting more highly-targeted Affiliate Partner traffic.


Glossary: A “soft squeeze” page is an optional “opt-in” form best utilized as an “auto-reminder” request when promoting your free teleseminar, tele-webcast or any other “recorded live” event marketing campaign.