CASE STUDY: The “Fusion” Web Audio Billboard

alex-sitting.jpgIf you ever want to add more affiliate partnership sales within the “event marketing” micro-niche, the absolute best way I’ve found that attracts more referrals is “fusing” a 5-minute online AUDIO with a one-page webpage (BILLBOARD).

I call it the “Audio Billboard” marketing method and over the past decade generated a few hundred thousand dollars in sales and profits with simple no-nonsense audio messages.

Click here to see an example of the Audio Billboard I created in less than 5 minutes with Jeff Herring – he’s the “Article Marketing Guy” and co-instructor for our 1-day Repurposing Strategies Workshop we’re hosting on Thursday, October 16th at the LAX Westin Hotel.

(This $497 workshop is one day before Tom Antion’s 3-day Fusion Seminar – Oct. 17th through 19th).

Case Study Overview

The Offer:  Free access to a $497 one-day Repurposing Strategies Workshop at the LAX Westin in Los Angeles on October 16th, 2008.

The Ethical Bribes: 1) Free access to the $497 workshop for Fusion event registrants, 2) Rebate check of $500 for Fusion event registrants, 3) Private MasterMind workshop for (12 people only) on Saturday evening after Fusion event day #2.

The Actionizer: Limited to 12 people for Alex and another 12 for Jeff, so 24 people total and the private Master Mind meeting is limited to 12 people.  Time limit is 10 days or 12 people … whatever comes first. (Offer Deadline: September 8th at 5pm Pacific)

The Process: Phase 1 was an “text” email invitation (click here to see it) sent out on Thursday, August 28th. Phase 2 was the Audio Billboard (click here to see it and hear it) promoted via a “text” email teaser sent out on Thursday, September 4th … which also is referenced on this blog ;-)

The Results: Within first 3 days of initial email invitation, 8 people signed up and are bringing guests. (I expect within 24 hours of referencing this blog post, all 24 slots will be filled up.

The Point: As my good friend and colleague, Glenn Dietzel, often says: “We’re no longer in the ‘Information’ Age … we’re now in the ‘Recommendation’ Age.”  And I agree … a 5 minute Audio Billboard “recommendation” will often out pull a 50-minute (reading time) website experience.

If you’re reading this before my Repurposing Strategies Workshop, then I recommend you get registered for Tom Antion’s Fusion event (October 17th – 19th).

By doing so you’re eligible to attend our October 16th $497 workshop for free … if it’s in your budget and if you can clear your calendar to meet Jeff Herring and me at the LAX Westin.

If you’re reading this after the deadline or the workshop, then I invite and encourage you to model the Audio Billboard concept and “creatively imitate” what you’ve just experienced.

Many marketers will imitate this concept without my permission, so I’m formally giving you written permission right here, right now … as your reward for reading this entire blog post.

Actually, I got the idea two years ago from John Reese and Frank Kern, so this Case Study is a testament that great marketing ideas never die, they simply evolve.

Thank you for reading and please leave your comments and invite a friend or colleague to read this post.  Your referral and courtesy will be most appreciated.



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