Ezine Articles + Twitter = More Exposure

print_110.jpgMy favorite and most effective article directory is EzineArticles.  And thanks to my good friend and colleague Jeff Herring, I have had over one hundred (yes 100+ articles) posted there within the last few months.

How?  Simply by “repurposing” faster, better and with less human effort.  I can do this because I write with my mouth, not with my hands utilizing Teleseminar content as my core article material.

More Exposure: If you’re an info marketer who wants more reach with your articles, I recommend you set-up your EzineArticles account to automatically post your approved articles to your Twitter profile.

It’s that easy and powerful!

Key Point:  On September 17th, 2008 I received a call from Jeff Herring requesting that I visit Twitter.EzineArticles.com … and so I did.

To my surprise, I was #1 from over 119,495 Expert Authors sharing their best ezine articles and 700 of these Expert Authors get their articles automatically posted to their Twitter profile.

For the past 2 years, I’ve encouraged my Teleseminar Secrets students to also “write articles with their mouths, not with their hands” and create 12 different info products from one idea (easy) vs. 12 different ideas into 12 info products (hard).

Utilizing this killer repurposing strategy, now is the best time ever to submit your articles on Ezine Articles (free).  Because EzineArticles and Twitter have now teamed-up, you’ll maximize your promotional exposure with minimum effort.



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