3 Tested Tips That Expand Your “Article Reach”

article marketing, jeff herringSo what does it mean to extend the reach of your articles?

Extending the reach of your articles simply means to get your articles in front of as many eyes as possible … in as many consumable forms as possible.

Let’s take a closer look at three powerful strategies for doing just that:

1. EzineArticles + Twitter = More Exposure – If you are an info marketer who wants to extend the reach of your articles, then set-up your EzineArticles account to automatically post your approved and published articles to your Twitter profile.

You set this up by going into your Author’s Area at EzineArticles, then your Profile Manger, and then Edit Your Author Bio. In the fields provided enter your Twitter user name and pass word.

Now each time one of your new articles is approved and published at EzineArticles, an announcement will automatically be posted to your Twitter profile. In this way you are automatically extending your reach and repurposing your articles. Your cost = $0!

2. Announce your own articles on Twitter – While the EzineArticles + Twitter automated strategy is very powerful, I recommend that you continue the process on your own.

As you follow discussions on Twitter, I recommend that you refer people to your articles to make a point, educate, and to share your expertise.

You can also simply announce that you have an interesting article you are inviting them to read and then supply the link to your article.

In this way you can keep the traffic generated by the EzineArticle automatic post going for a much longer period of time. Again, your cost = $0!

3. Get your Articlesby(YourFirstName).com domain name – As an Article Marketer, are you unsure of what to say when someone ask you about what you do? Not sure how to get them to read your articles?

Then I recommend you get a domain like Articleby(yourfirstname).com and have it forwarded to your Profile Page on EzineArticles. When I am at a social gathering, being interviewed on the radio or on a teleseminar, it is easy for me to say “Check out my articles at ArticlesbyJeff.com.”

This gives them access to my profile, all my web site and blog links and all my social networking links, in addition to all my articles which contain more links to my web sites and blogs.

I get my domain names at www.MustangMarketingDomains.com

Cost = $10.19 a year for your domain name.

If you want to extend the reach of your articles faster,easier and with less over all human effort, then I suggest you jump on these strategies right away.

And you can also get a boost for writing more articles in less time by claiming your free instant access to two of my original Instant Article Templates when you visit www.TheArticleGuyBonus.com



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