5 Ways to Repurpose Articles on Facebook/Twitter

earthvice_110If the only thing you are doing with your Article Marketing is publishing your articles on the Article Directories, then you are missing out on a great opportunity to repurpose and extend the reach of your articles.

Facebook and Twitter are two of the most popular and powerful social networking sites on the internet.  I recommend you take advantage of the opportunity they present to repurpose and extend the reach of your articles.

Here are three steps you can take on Facebook and two steps you can take on Twitter.

Three Ways on Facebook

Once you have set up your Facebook account, here are three powerful steps to take with your articles:

1) Notes section – In the notes section, you want to list your articles. I recommend watching your stats on EzineArticles and posting your articles that get the most views and click thrus.

2) Groups – You can form your own groups on Facebook and invite your prospects to become a part of it. Use keywords from your niche to name your group, buy a domain name with that name and forward it to your group page.

You can send also your articles to the group members and post your articles on the group page.

3) Fan page – You can create your own fan page as well. This becomes a more exclusive group. Just like with your notes section, pay attention to which articles get the most views and click thrus on EzineArticles and post them to your fan page.

Two More Ways on Twitter

Once have set up your Twitter account, here are two powerful steps you can take with your articles:

4) EzineArticles & Twitter – Set-up your EzineArticles account to automatically post your approved articles to your Twitter profile.  Each time a new article is accepted and published at EzineArticles a post is automatically made to your Twitter account.

5) Tweet about your articles – On Twitter when you create a 140 character mini-post it is called a tweet.  I know what you’re thinking. But it works!

As you start networking and build a bigger community surrounding on Twitter, you can start referring people back to your articles that fit with the conversation.

This positions you as the helpful expert you are, and people do business with experts who are helpful.

The two best things about these strategies are:

1. They are very powerful, and

2. They are free – and cost you just a little time and energy.

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