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Breaking Through the Far Side of Disappointment

cliffs_110.jpgWikipedia has an interesting way of definining “disappointment.”  If you take a moment to look the word up, here’s what you’ll find:

“The feeling of dissatisfaction that follows a failure of expectations to manifest.  It differs from regret in that the individual feeling regret focuses primarily on personal choices contributing to a poor outcome, while the individual feeling disappointment focuses on the outcome.”

Looking back on my own marketing accomplishments, one of the things I’m certain of is that my disappointments inspire me to storm the gates that others gladly sneak past.

When you learn how to handle disapointments – miscommunications, violated expectations or thwarted intentions – as welcomed guests into your business life, you’ll have the mindset of cheerful expectancy of having a breakthrough not long after :-)

If you feel what I’m saying is just a bunch of [Read more…]

Blog Survey: Shall I Post 3X Per Week In 2009?

looking-down.jpgI made a public declaration about six months ago to consistently post 2X (two times a week) for the rest of 2008.  It was more work than I originally realized, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the number of “referrals” and “comments” I’ve received ever on this blog ever since. Many thanks!

As I indicated on my Dec. 26th post, I’m only focusing on 4 marketing tasks to grow my business. I plan on “outsourcing” my weaknesses to vendors who play at things I work at.  One of my strengths is Blogging.

Here’s The Survey Question: If I blog 3X per week vs. 2X per week, will you read and comment on my posts?  If your answer is YES, then say so and give me your brief reason WHY. 

As Jim Rohn says, “The bigger the WHY, the easier the HOW.”  So if your answer is NO, I want your candor to tell me WHY.  Deal?

If I get a “Net Score” of 101 YESes (Total YESes minus Total NOs = Net Score), then every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in 2009 at 8:44am Eastern, you’ll see a new blog post.  If I don’t get that “Net Score” I’ll continue at 2X/week.

Make your YES/NO vote in the “Reply Box” (click “Comments”).

Strengthen Strengths, Outsource Weaknesses

strengths.jpgDuring the final 2 weeks of December, I typically review my goals for the upcoming year.  I enjoy the feeling of cheerful expectancy (as Earl Nightingale used to say) I have this time of year.

Your Strengths are your daily activities (the WHATs of your day) that “make you feel strong” according to Cambridge-educated researcher and author, Marcus Buckingham.

In an ideal world, you repeatedly want to focus on strengthening your Strengths and outsourcing your Weaknesses.  Buckingham defines a Weakness as an activity that consistently makes you feel weak, drained or bored.

You get it, right?

I got it about 3 years ago when I started to capture, clarify and confirm the daily activities that made me feel strong (my Strengths) and the activities that made me feel weak (my Weaknesses).

Wow!  What an eye-opener that was … and it still is!

I encourage you to do the same. It is WHAT you do that consumes your time.  Your efficiency of HOW you do things and your internal motivation behind WHY you do those things are not nearly as important to your success as WHAT you do.

You don’t have to believe me.  Just grab [Read more…]

Holiday Greetings from Mandossian Family

gabe-breanna-xmas.jpgDuring the third week in December each year, I send out a holiday video message that stars our son, Gabriel and daughter, Breanna.

The ONE this year is my absolute favorite.  It was inspired by a life-lesson statement from Reginald Poitier, father of actor Sidney Poitier. 

Turn-up your speakers and click:

When you’re done watching it, post your comment so my kids can read it and feel free to forward this message to another dad.

Happy Holidays!

Here’s Why “Progress” Exceeds “Perfection”

In this video I argue why “Sloppy success is always better than perfect mediocrity.”  Wouldn’t you agree?

Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach often says: “Choose progress, not perfection.”  I encourage you to take Dan’s advice (in the New Year) and watch my video (below), so you too can become more productive faster, better and with less effort.

Watch this video and then please post your comment. 

What To Do Now: Think of ONE project you’ve wanted to start – or finish – during the past year, but your perfectionism has crippled and even paralyzed your progress

Whenever you find yourself paralyzed in a perfectionist moment, remind yourself why “Sloppy success is better than perfect mediocrity. 

Here’s what I have written on my PC’s screen saver that assists me to blasts through my perfectionist moments … it’s a declarative quote I once heard from Tony Robbins:  “If I can’t, I must.”

Blogging and Tweeting – A Natural Combination

TwitterYou have your WordPress blog – don’t you?  If not, you should.  Now let’s hook up your blog to Twitter.  What’s Twitter, you ask?

Tweets are short little posts commenting on what you are doing right now. The key to using Twitter effectively is participation. You must listen as well as speak. The more you listen and respond, the more people will ‘follow you’.

When you tweet, your message is broadcast to everyone who is following you.  If your ‘tweet’ is interesting, your followers will want to see what you are all about and will click over to your blog and have the opportunity to opt-in.

The more you interact, the more people will interact with you. So, go over to Twitter and set up an account. Search for people you know and start following them. Start ‘tweeting’ and watch what happens!

NOW let’s connect your blog and Twitter.  Get the WordPress plugin TwitterTools.  This plugin allows you to create a tweet from every new blog post – automagically!

Want to know the real secret?  Don’t stop at Twitter Tools.  Go back to Twitter later and tweet about your blog post.  Double the value of Twitter Tools AND your blog.

Why Marketing Growth Is No “Happy Accident”

happy-face.jpgModern research into a 40-year study (started back to 1971) concludes that “happiness is contageous”  (the full story is in Yahoo News).

The same U.K. research team that recently reported how obesity and smoking spreads in networks, now also concludes that the more happy people you know, the more likely you yourself will be happy.

Duh … right? 

But please continue reading because I think you’ll discover that finding and focusing on the happy people on your marketing team will create more growth for your business in 2009.

Marci Shimoff reported a similar conclusion during our 65-minute Virtual Book Tour for her runaway best-selling book,  Happy For No Reason 

(If you want free instant access to that VBT, just type-in [Read more…]

How “Pre-Training” Videos Can Accelerate Profits

I’ve done it twice with Jack Canfield for his world famous 7-day Breakthrough To Success Training.  I’ve done it with Mark Victor Hansen for his Mega Events.

I’ve done it with Joe Polish for his Rich Cleaner Bootcamp.  I’ve done it with James Malinchak for his College Speaker Success bootcamp.

I’ve even done it for Raymond Aaron’s Truth About “The Secret” event and the Women’s Power Summit I founded with Jeanette Cates.

“It” is the accelerated profits and sales from events as a direct result of the “pre-training” tips method.  Click the blue arrow below and take a peek of a few of these 21 Tips for Virtual Events

You can utilize these tips for “virtual” events like Teleseminars or Webinars or for physical events you attend in person.

You deserve to get more traction and and lifetime value with your prospect and customers and this “21 Tips” concept can get you there faster, better and with less effort.  Leave you comment below.