Why Marketing Growth Is No “Happy Accident”

happy-face.jpgModern research into a 40-year study (started back to 1971) concludes that “happiness is contageous”  (the full story is in Yahoo News).

The same U.K. research team that recently reported how obesity and smoking spreads in networks, now also concludes that the more happy people you know, the more likely you yourself will be happy.

Duh … right? 

But please continue reading because I think you’ll discover that finding and focusing on the happy people on your marketing team will create more growth for your business in 2009.

Marci Shimoff reported a similar conclusion during our 65-minute Virtual Book Tour for her runaway best-selling book,  Happy For No Reason 

(If you want free instant access to that VBT, just type-in “Happy For No Reason” in the Search this site box on the upper right side of this blog … and then click “Go”).

The contagiousness of happiness is relevant to Entrepreneurial CEOs because attitude (of each of your marketing Team members) has more impact on your business growth, than the implementation of skills.

“Hire for attitude. Teach for skill,” says Howard Putnam.  He is the former CEO of Southwest Airlines (the world’s most profitable airline) and probably agrees with Jim Collins’ famous business growth dictum: “First WHO, then HOW.”

The WHOs – not the WHATs, HOWs or WHYs – are your best business growth accelerators.  

Support those WHOs in your organization and you may find yourself experiencing geometric growth during the next 3 years or less!

What To Do Now: Identify and make a list – even if you’re the only one on that list – WHO the happy people are in your business network.

It pays to spend more time with them, more often because doing so automatically amplifies their impact on your other strategic alliance partners, vendors, affiliates and marketing growth.

One of the things I’m certain of is that the happy people on your Team represent the most cost-effective, marketing leverage you can instantly tap into to maximize your business growth … even if you’re starting from scratch!

Whenever you focus more of your time and energy on your happy people, you get two additional benefit:

(1) You automatically become a happier person during your work hours which leads to a happier life at home, and

(2) The new happy contagion in your company boosts the morale and the producitivty of your other Team members

I could go on and on why it’s so critically important to find and focus on the happy people in your business network, but what I want you to do right now is make a list and identify WHO they are. 

Again, it’s OK if you list is a short one, or if YOU are the only one on it. 

Just do it! 

When you’re done please remember to type-in your candid feedback in Reply Box below because I want to read what you have to say.



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