Blogging and Tweeting – A Natural Combination

TwitterYou have your WordPress blog – don’t you?  If not, you should.  Now let’s hook up your blog to Twitter.  What’s Twitter, you ask?

Tweets are short little posts commenting on what you are doing right now. The key to using Twitter effectively is participation. You must listen as well as speak. The more you listen and respond, the more people will ‘follow you’.

When you tweet, your message is broadcast to everyone who is following you.  If your ‘tweet’ is interesting, your followers will want to see what you are all about and will click over to your blog and have the opportunity to opt-in.

The more you interact, the more people will interact with you. So, go over to Twitter and set up an account. Search for people you know and start following them. Start ‘tweeting’ and watch what happens!

NOW let’s connect your blog and Twitter.  Get the WordPress plugin TwitterTools.  This plugin allows you to create a tweet from every new blog post – automagically!

Want to know the real secret?  Don’t stop at Twitter Tools.  Go back to Twitter later and tweet about your blog post.  Double the value of Twitter Tools AND your blog.



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