Blog Survey: Shall I Post 3X Per Week In 2009?

looking-down.jpgI made a public declaration about six months ago to consistently post 2X (two times a week) for the rest of 2008.  It was more work than I originally realized, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the number of “referrals” and “comments” I’ve received ever on this blog ever since. Many thanks!

As I indicated on my Dec. 26th post, I’m only focusing on 4 marketing tasks to grow my business. I plan on “outsourcing” my weaknesses to vendors who play at things I work at.  One of my strengths is Blogging.

Here’s The Survey Question: If I blog 3X per week vs. 2X per week, will you read and comment on my posts?  If your answer is YES, then say so and give me your brief reason WHY. 

As Jim Rohn says, “The bigger the WHY, the easier the HOW.”  So if your answer is NO, I want your candor to tell me WHY.  Deal?

If I get a “Net Score” of 101 YESes (Total YESes minus Total NOs = Net Score), then every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in 2009 at 8:44am Eastern, you’ll see a new blog post.  If I don’t get that “Net Score” I’ll continue at 2X/week.

Make your YES/NO vote in the “Reply Box” (click “Comments”).



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