Do You Make These 3 “Resource Box” Mistakes?

article-writing-pencils.jpgI see many people get into article marketing, write some good articles, and then blow the whole thing in the resource box.

So let’s take a look at three of the deadliest prospect and profit killing mistakes people make, and then what to do instead.

Mistake #1 – Making the Resource Box All About You – This one is really easy to do, especially since the resource box is also called the bio box. Many people tell the reader all about themselves.

I’ve actually seen a resource box that was almost as long as the article, filled with just about every award the author had won going back to grade school.

Sorry, but the reader is not interested in you. If they are, then they can read your author profile. The reader is interested in what is in it for them.

What to do instead: Focus on your reader. They came to your article looking for solutions. Be sure to invite them to get more information from you.

Mistake #2 – No Links to You Some people get so into talking about themselves that they forget to even include any links back to their own website or blog. The reader has gotten a small sample of how you approach and solve problems and they are ready to get more information and get it from you.

What to do instead:  Make certain that you include at least one active link back to your web site or blog so the reader can opt-in to get more information from you. Make sure the page you send them to is working and represents you well. This is your new prospect’s first impression of you outside of your article.

Mistake #3 – Failure to Guide the Reader This is the biggest thing most experienced internet marketers forget. Many people are new to the internet and don’t know what to do.

Some are even a little afraid of it. When you assume they know what to do at the end of your article, you are leaving prospects on the table.

What to do instead: It is your job to take your prospect by the hand and guide them into and through your resource box. Invite them to get more information from you, let them know what is in it for them, and show them how to get it.

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