Discover the Learning Power of “Content Diving”

acapulco-cliff-diverI often enjoy cold pizza the “morning after” more than the piping hot version the night before :-)

What does the joy of devouring day-old pizza have to do with your info marketing content or your success as an entrepreneurial CEO?  

Two things, actually …

1) Principle centered content never gets stale, it only gets better with age.

You can return to it again and again to see it with new eyes on YouTube, hear it with a new ears on a Teleseminar or visualize it with a new mind when reading a blog post like this one

2) Deep diving into familiar content doesn’t breed contempt, it breeds more success!

As a student, your one and only path to mastering anything I teach you is through the path of familiarity

If you are an info marketer, the only way your prospects can acknowledge you as a trusted advisor on a topic they are unfamiliar with … is to first acknowledge you as a trusted advisor on a topic they are familiar with.

That makes a lot of sense, right?

As the French novelist, Marcel Proust once said: “The true voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but in seeing with new eyes.”  (That quote will remain framed and hung up on my home-office wall as long as I’m breathing).

I know you won’t yet find an accurate definition for Content Diving in Wikipedia or any online dictionary. 

Yet I also know that when your readers, listeners or viewers decide to dive deep into your info marketing content, you have already arrived in their minds as their trusted advisor.

What To Do Now:  Let’s have some fun and content dive (used as a verb) a few important blog posts I’ve written for you that you may have overlooked. 

You ready?

Okay, first I want you to grab your mouse and scroll up to the upper right-hand side of this web page to the “Search this blog…” box that has a magnifying glass next to it and orange arrow pointing to it.

Do you see the orange search box?

That’s your Content Diving Tool I want you to utilize more often when you visit this blog.  (I also want you also to advise your friends and colleagues – whom you refer to this blog – to also utilize it more often).

So far so good?

Okay, next I want you to put your fingers over your keyboard and type-in a few keyword phrases (just like you do at Google) to disover what comes up.  Here are three phrases that bring some of my favorite posts:

1) “Winning Joint Venture”

2) “Strengthen Strengths”

3)  “Hub and Spoke” <– This is one of my very favorites!

Whenever you spot one of your favorite books on your bookshelf or visit one of your favorite blogs, take a few minutes to Content Dive and discover what you find.

If you decide to Content Dive this blog more often I can practically guarantee that you’ll accelerate your learning on the topic you’re seeking a lot faster, better and with less human effort.

Please post your comment and tell me what you think.



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