What Makes Good Trusted Advisors Great?

jay-blog-post We are no longer in the Information Age.  We are at dawn of the Recommendation Age and what Entrepreneurial CEOs need most these days are trusted advisors.

And if you want to become the most recommended (and wealthiest) trusted advisor on your topic of expertise, then I encourage you to adopt the Thought Leadership (TL) Mindset.

As soon as Jay Abraham decided to adopt his TL Mindset, he quickly became the world’s highest paid marketing consultant … almost overnight!

I can’t guarantee that you’ll achieve the same revenue or status results that Jay has enjoyed over the past 30 years, but I can guarantee to educate you to make an intelligent decision on which TL Mindset is ideal for you.

The TL Mindset I discovered about myself was my unique ability to conduct Teleseminar expert interviews back in 2002. Since then I have been acknowledged by my colleagues, friends, mentors and students as “The Larry King of Teleseminars.”

I am now a trusted advisor for many of the world’s greatest Thought Leaders within the Human Potential Movement.

Now it wasn’t easy to get leaders such asBob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Jay Abraham, Mark Victor Hansen, David Bach, Lynn Twist, Dave Ellis, Stephen Covey, Marci Shimoff and many others.

I didn’t have any course or training on how to become a Thought Leader.  I didn’t even know how to become the most trusted advisor in my niche.

In fact, no one has ever had access to a time-proven blueprint on becoming a Thought Leader … until now!

Until now … There was wasn’t a “how to” course or training that holds your hand on the step-by-step path to adopt the TL Mindset in your topic of expertise … or simply uncovering your topic of expertise – your MESSAGE.

Until now … there wasn’t a method of how any expert, professional or entrepreneur could become a Thought Leader and create a checklist of what to do to get the ball rolling.

Until now … there wasn’t a training available to reveal the ONE immutable principle that helps entrepreneurial CEOs ignite and monetize the process of becoming a Thought Leader and the most trusted advisor in their field!

Before you say YES to this training – like I have – I want you to participate in online mini-eCourse that will give you more than you need to find out if the year long Thought Leader Secrets training is right for you.

What To Do Now: Click here and get Lesson 1 via video.  If you like what you experience, then choose to opt-in for Lessons 2 – 9.  I do hope our paths will cross again this year during Thought Leader Secrets.

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