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Here’s Why Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep

If you’ve got 7 uninterrupted minutes to spare, it’ll be worth your time to invite your family or friends to huddle around this YouTube video. It already has a remarkable 48+ million viewings and over 205,000 five-star ratings!

Grab your mouse and click on the video below so you too can experience why even the unsparingly blunt Simon Cowell gave Boyle two thumbs-up.


Susan Boyle left her audience dazed and stunned with her incredible performance on Britain’s Got Talent.  After her 300 seconds on stage she has become a worldwide phenomenon.

The next time you second-guess yourself or have a sliver of self-doubt before any Teleseminar or stage presentation, come back and watch this 7-minute video to  summon the confidence to deliver the performance of your life!

Why Multitasking Destroys Your Productivity

multi-taskingMost entrepreneurs I know are proud of their “multitasking” ability.

According to Wikipedia, “Human multitasking is the performance by an individual of appearing to handle more than one task at the same time.”  The keyword that multitasking a myth is: “appearing.” 

The term originated with computer multitasking – a CPU solves problems by scheduling tasks and switching from task to task until each task gets its turn.

The activity of switching back-and-forth may be a computer-friendly activity, but it’s anything but human-friendly when it comes to an entrepreneur’s personal productivity in the office or home!

Dave Crenshaw wrote my favorite book on the topic and I recommend it to any entrepreneur who still thinks and feels that multitasking is cool.

On page 29 in The Myth of Multitasking, Dave writes: [Read more…]

Email “FROM” Lines vs. “SUBJECT” Lines

email-boxI’ve surveyed thousands of my students about my findings in this post, so please read it carefully.

Here’s the heart of the matter: Whenever you send an email message to your list, to your friends or colleagues, they privately ask themselves these 2 critical questions before taking further action:

1)  WHO is this email from?

2)  WHAT is this email about?

Test this premise with yourself.  The next time you’re about to open-up and read email messages from your Inbox, what question(s) do you privately ask yourself before grabbing your mouse, clicking and reading them?

If you’re like most people I’ve surveyed, the answers are: WHO? and WHAT?

The WHO Question: Answering the WHO? question is easy because it involves the FROM LINE of your email messages.  I recommend that your FROM LINE never changes.  Here’s what mine looks like:

~ Alex Mandossian ~

Specifically, I put a tilda (“~”), then a space, then my first name, then a another space then my last name, then another space, then a second tilda.

That’s it.

I never change my [Read more…]

Rediscover the Adwords Learning Center

adwords-logoIt’s no secret that Google Adwords can become a fast, easy and predictable way to attract targeted website traffic.

Like most marketing strategies, setting up an Adwords account is simple, but not so easy to master. That’s why I recommend you visit Google’s Learning Center.

In my experience, it is hands-down the single most cost-effective way to learn Adwords marketing strategies.

Click here to visit the Learning Center and you’ll find these 9 Modules:

1.  Introduction to AdWords    
2.  Getting Started with AdWords    
3.  Targeting    
4.  Costs and Billing    
5.  Tracking Ad Performance
6.  Optimizing Ad Performance
7.  The AdWords Toolbox
8.  Google Analytics
9.  Managing Client Accounts

You can count on [Read more…]

Got “Affiliate Signup” Access On Your Blog?

alex-point-up1Do you see Affiliate Signup button (the one I’m pointing at) on the upper left side of this blog?

I published that button a week ago (as an experiment) to test if I’d get a “passive” spike in attracting new Affiliate Partners and so far, I’ve doubled my daily Affiliate sign-up rate.

Even if this “doubling” effect doesn’t continue, “shame on me” for not adding that button to my blog sooner!

How about you?  Do you have an affiliate program?  Do you have a blog?

If you answered “YES” to both questions, then I encourage you to ask yourself this question before you put your Affiliate sign-up button on your blog:

“Do I want my Affiliate Program to be ‘closed’ or ‘open’?”

A “closed” program is typically only available to Affiliates who have also purchased one of your offers.  An “open” program is available to anyone who is in good standing with you and wants to promote your offers.

For the first 8 years of my online marketing experience,  I had a “closed” affiliate program.  But it is now “open” as a result of wanting to build-out the AskAlexToday “outer circle” calls held on the first Thursday of each month.

Turning Pro: The difference between an “amateur” and a “professional” is $1.  The moment you make your first dollar, you’ve turned “pro” from my point of view.

Since my goal to get you to “turn Pro” as fast as possible, I’ll [Read more…]

How Your “Actionizer” Can Change Behavior

100-off-poker-chip1If you’ve heard me speak on stage or on a Teleseminar, then you’re already familiar with my favorite “monetization” mantra:  “Marketing changes minds. Promotion changes behavior.”

Read those six words again and again because they’re indelibly etched in your mind, you’ll dramatically improve the results of your presentations.

The key element to “monetizing” your marketing an “Actionizer.” A high value, dramatic action device that inspires, motivates and influences your audience to take physical action.

The $100 poker chip (above) was the “Actionizer” I tested at my Teleseminar Secrets Reunion on March 7th, 2009.

It changed behavior to get people to say “Yes” to the DoublingIncomeSecrets 5-Module Bookinar Series in less than 59 seconds.  If you were there see if you can spot yourself.  Click the video to see it now.:

[youtube: 320 240]

Key Point: Before you design any presentation curriculum, it’s important that you write down these 3 verbs:

Think (“mind”) <——  Feel (“heart”) <——  Do (“body”)

Then ask yourself these 3 critical questions: [Read more…]

New Equation of “Personalized” Accountability

accountabilityWhat makes good entrepreneurs great is accountability.

Accountability to their business, to their teams, to their vendors, to their families and to themselves.  Accountable entrepreneurs are leaders.  They don’t get in the habit of making excuses.

And above all, they have a burning desire and willingness to accept responsibilities with a “beginner’s mind” and do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Accountable entrepreneurs assume nothing and question everything.  They’re fearless “truth-seekers” and chase advice from practically everyone around them – their colleagues, their team members, their customers and most importantly, their personal “Accountability Partners.”

Does this sound like someone you know so far?

If it does, then at this moment you have an opportunity of a lifetime to seek out one Accountability Partner or “AP” who’s life you can change and who will change your life, by simply meeting once a week, 52 weeks a year.

Accountability Partnerships (APs) are [Read more…]

Have You Written Your “101 Goals” List Yet?

goalsI can define what a goal is in just 5 words:  “A dream with a deadline.” 

Goal setting is the single most important life skill that over 97% of people never learn how to do properly.

In Brian Tracy’s book Goals – How to Get Everything You Want Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible – he claims that “Less than 3% of adults have clear written goals with plans on how to achieve them.”

The keyword is written. Those who earn most of the money, who are the best athletes and who are the top producers in any type of business have written goals.

They are the 3% Club who can predict and even anticipate their future by creating it.

Sadly, most entrepreneurs resist taking an hour each month write-down their goals.  But my experience has taught me that a written goal has 10X the achievement possibility than a goal that just lingers in my mind.

Go to Google and you’ll find hundreds of resources on the goal-setting and goal-achievement.  Here are 3 of my of my highest recommendations:

1) Book: Double Your Income Doing What You Love by Raymond Aaron

2) Pictures: Goals achievement images on Google

3)  Website: Setting Goals 101 has lots of free resources

If you’ve read this far and you still are resisting writing down your goals or “dreams with deadlines,” then I have one final recommendation for you.  It changed my life and I know that it has changed the lives of many of the world’s top business thought leaders.

What I’m talking about is [Read more…]

Virtual + Physical = Massive Marketing Reach

alex-looking-downThis is a true story.  On Friday, April 3rd, I was invited to participate as a faculty member for the Ultimate Business Mastery Summit in Las Vegas, NV (March 31st – April 4th) hosted by Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes.  The event is SOLD OUT.

Unfortunately, I had a schedule conflict with my good friends at Early To Rise because I was asked to Emcee their Profits in Paradise workshop at the Peabody Hotel in Orlando, which is also sold out.

Suddenly, it hit me – why can’t I teach at both events?

Even thought I’m committed to ETR, I could still teach at the UBMS in Las Vegas through a Webcast from my hotel room and invite TeleWebcast listeners like you to get access to the same 60-minute, Internet Optimization training.

And that’s exactly what I’m doing after getting permission from the team at UBMS … and I do hope you participate and invite your friends and colleagues.

Want To Participate? Visit to get private TeleWebcast access on Friday night at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern for $20 and you may even invite one friend or business colleague to the training at no extra fee.

KEY POINT: Remember to use your VIP Discount Code – AM3964 – to save $79 off the $99 tuition everybody will pay who don’t read this blog post.

But that’s not all … [Read more…]