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The 3 Common Mistakes Info Marketers Make

marketing-mistakesThese 3 common mistakes come directly from the 20 Biggest Mistakes Info Marketers Make distributed by my good friend, Bret Ridgway at Speaker Fulfillment Services.

“It’s what you learn after you think you know it all that counts most.”  That’s what Harry S. Truman once said.  Legendary college basketball coach, John Wooden, was also known to say it.

It’s true.  No matter how great of a marketer you become, it always pays to take a mental check that you’re avoid to make the most common mistakes.

That’s why I recommend you study these 3 mistakes and then get the full list of 20 mistakes from Bret.

Mistake #1:  No “upsells” with your online offers

When you’ve worked hard to attract qualified prospects to your website(s), it pays to make them a second or even third buying offer.  That’s called an “upsell.”

Some marketers call them “cross sells” and others call them “revenue bumps.”  I call them “cost-reducers” because you automatically slash your customer “acquisition cost” every time a visitor buys more from you during the same buying session.

Mistake #11:  No “post-purchase” autoresponder series

It’s mind-boggling how many gifted marketers fail to focus on motivating their initial buyers to consume their purchases faster. Teach them to consume with a 3 to 7 part follow-up (post-purchase) autoresponder series.  It costs you nothing to implement and your return-on-investment may shock you!

Every product is a “consumer” product.  Look, if your [Read more…]

“Thank God It’s Monday”

Roxanne Emmerich

Listen to the Replay…

Roxanne Emmerich is the best-selling author who has consulted with half of the nation’s top 1% performing financial institutions.

During this 60-minute Virtual Book Tour, she talks about her central premise in business that companies can only grow when their people grow. Roxanne is a 20-year management consultant and 3-time Entrepreneur of the Year winner.

As you listen to this VBT, pay close attention to her “Kick-Butt, Kick-Off” strategy because it will help you create immediate culture shifts with your people. It doesn’t matter if you operate a “virtual company” or a traditional “brick and mortar” business, Roxanne’s time-proven strategies work!

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Vote For The “Tagline” You Prefer Most

Recently I changed the “look and feel” of this blog.  Although I’m happy with the graphics, I think my tagline on the banner can be improved.

It currently promises this:

“Practical Marketing Tips for Information Publishers, Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurial CEOs”

leaning-to-rightThis morning I crafted four more tagline ideas which I feel better expresses the “promise” of this blog.   Take a moment and “comment” on which of these four choices (A, B, C or D) you like most.

A: “Proven Strategies for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Get More Done – Faster, Better and Easier”

B: “Tested Marketing Tips That Boost Your Profits and Productivity – Faster, Better, With Less Human Effort”

C: “Practical Ideas for Entrepreneurs to Get More Done – Faster Better, Easier”

D: “Principle-Centered Strategies that Boost Profits and Accelerate Productivity”

Feel free to add your own ideas if you got a better one.  Any suggestion will be most appreciated and I plan on changing the existing tagline by the end of this month.

Please vote in the Comment Section.

“Secrets of the Millionaire Inside”

Paul McCormick

Listen to the Replay…

Paul McCormick is the best-selling author who teaches ordinary entrepreneurs how to achieve extraordinary results utilizing his 7 secrets to become a millionaire.

During this 60-minute Virtual Book Tour, Paul talks about why it’s important to stop loving money, to realize that money is just an idea, to focus on desire and not on money, as well as his other principles of his millionaire formula.

Consider these two questions he asks: “Where will you be 3 years from now? Will you be sleepwalking through your ordinary life, or will you have awakened to an extraordinary world of extraordinary possibilities? Listen in for the answer.

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The “Countdown Timer”

stopwatchOne of the best ways I know to boost my productivity on workdays is to utilize a countdown timer during prime time hours.

I define Prime Time as my personal productivity time without any interruptions.  It’s that sacred time of my workday that gives me the freedom to focus on the critical activities that only I can do.

A prime time segment for me is 50 minutes in duration.   I turn off my phone, shut down my email and lock my office door to prevent all disruptions.

I set my countdown timer to 50 minutes and then I get busy.

Here are some of the activities I recommend you focus on if you decide to set aside prime time hours for yourself:

  • Strategic planning
  • Contract evaluation
  • Email/web copywriting
  • Critical thinking
  • Mind mapping
  • Curriculum design
  • Audio/Video production

Putting aside 50 uninterrupted [Read more…]

Create More Traffic with Articles, article marketing

Article Marketing is the best free way to drive traffic to your web sites and blogs. And when you use the five steps below, you will know what topics to write more about to drive even more traffic.

Step 1: Log into your account

In your EzineArticles account you can use the feedback on your articles to let you know what your readers want more of. Once you know this you can write more articles on those topics to drive more traffic.

Step 2: Click on “Author Tools”

It’s in between Profile Manager and Author Resources. Click on “Author Tools”. You’re going to get a drop-down menu.

Step 3: Click on “View My Article Reports”

When you click on “View My Article Reports”, you can see the Article ID, Article Title, Views, URL Clicks, EzinePublisher, Comments, Votes, Rating, and Publication Date. What you want to pay attention to – the things that turn into money – are the Views and the URL Clicks.

Step 4: “Read the street”

“Read the street” means [Read more…]

“No Matter What!”

Lisa Nichols

Listen to the Replay…

Lisa Nichols is the best-selling author and motivation speaker who has taught millions how to rediscover their dreams by taking on the “No Matter What” mindset.

During this 55-minute Virtual Book Tour, Lisa talks about her appearances on Oprah and the 9 Steps she has learned to overcome ANY obstacle and living a life you love.

If you’re willing to accept your imperfections and discover how to fill your important place in the world, Lisa invites you to become one of her “No Matter What” ambassadors.

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“Conversation With The Heart”

Lise Janelle

Listen to the Replay…

Dr. Lise Janelle is an author and speaker and teaches her clients how to find the path of least resistance to freedom by having a “Conversation with the Heart.”

During this 55-minute Virtual Book Tour, Lise reveals why a conversation with your hearts is the single most important step for an inspiring fulfilling life.

She also shows you why anything you do not love you will either become or create. In less than one hour, you’ll discover the 3 steps to heal the connection with your own heart and the hearts of others.

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