The “Countdown Timer”

stopwatchOne of the best ways I know to boost my productivity on workdays is to utilize a countdown timer during prime time hours.

I define Prime Time as my personal productivity time without any interruptions.  It’s that sacred time of my workday that gives me the freedom to focus on the critical activities that only I can do.

A prime time segment for me is 50 minutes in duration.   I turn off my phone, shut down my email and lock my office door to prevent all disruptions.

I set my countdown timer to 50 minutes and then I get busy.

Here are some of the activities I recommend you focus on if you decide to set aside prime time hours for yourself:

  • Strategic planning
  • Contract evaluation
  • Email/web copywriting
  • Critical thinking
  • Mind mapping
  • Curriculum design
  • Audio/Video production

Putting aside 50 uninterrupted minutes a day, five days a week, adds up to about 188 hours a year of pure productivity.  Try it for 3 months and you’ll be stunned at how much more productive you become.

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, your stress levels will decrease and your income will increase!

What To Do Now: Click here to get free instant access to my favorite online countdown timer.  Then set aside 5 prime time fifty-minute segments next week.  Report your progress by commenting on this blog post.  Good luck!



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