The 3 Common Mistakes Info Marketers Make

marketing-mistakesThese 3 common mistakes come directly from the 20 Biggest Mistakes Info Marketers Make distributed by my good friend, Bret Ridgway at Speaker Fulfillment Services.

“It’s what you learn after you think you know it all that counts most.”  That’s what Harry S. Truman once said.  Legendary college basketball coach, John Wooden, was also known to say it.

It’s true.  No matter how great of a marketer you become, it always pays to take a mental check that you’re avoid to make the most common mistakes.

That’s why I recommend you study these 3 mistakes and then get the full list of 20 mistakes from Bret.

Mistake #1:  No “upsells” with your online offers

When you’ve worked hard to attract qualified prospects to your website(s), it pays to make them a second or even third buying offer.  That’s called an “upsell.”

Some marketers call them “cross sells” and others call them “revenue bumps.”  I call them “cost-reducers” because you automatically slash your customer “acquisition cost” every time a visitor buys more from you during the same buying session.

Mistake #11:  No “post-purchase” autoresponder series

It’s mind-boggling how many gifted marketers fail to focus on motivating their initial buyers to consume their purchases faster. Teach them to consume with a 3 to 7 part follow-up (post-purchase) autoresponder series.  It costs you nothing to implement and your return-on-investment may shock you!

Every product is a “consumer” product.  Look, if your buyers have any “unconsumed” info products sitting on their shelves (or  “unopened” still in the packing box), you may find yourself getting more than your fair share of refund requests.

Mistake #18:  Packaging is inconsistent with your product pricing

I already know many marketers will disagree with me on this one, but in my experience, this is the single biggest mistake most info marketing gurus make.  Value is what value is “perceived.”  The days of double-spaced typed, spiral bound transcripts are a thing of the past.

It’s no long acceptible to charge high-dollar amounts for info products without having world-class packaging.  At the very least, make sure you have a DVD cover for your CDs and 3-ring binder (with a spine for branding yourself on the bookshelf) for your 3-holed punched transcripts.

Well, there you have it – three of the twenty most common marketing mistakes info marketers make.  Again, I recommend you scoop-up the full list of 20 from Speaker Fulfillment Services.

I also recommend you contact Bret Ridgway to explore whether or not you’re a good fit for each other as fulfillment client.

He’s a friend of over 15 years and I’ve exclusively utilized his fulfillment and info product development services since I launched Marketing With Postcards – my first info product back in 2001.

Your comments are most appreciated.



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