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Why “Abudant Thinkers” Perform Better

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Worldwide Survey to Define “Abundance”


Abundance is a concept often debated in spiritual and entrepreneurial circles.

Entrepreneurs commonly use the catch-phrase “thinking BIG,” but they really mean the same thing.  What I know most about the abundance mindset is that it is the polar opposite of the scarcity mindset.

The concept seems easier to define it by what it is not, rather than what it is.

I find it challenging to define abundance because it’s one of those unique words that must be experienced to really be understood, not just explained.

Self-esteem visionary Nathanial Branden once told me, “People want experiences, not explanations.” I believe that explanations are filtered through the mind whereas experiences are filtered and felt by the heart, which suggests that the abundance mindset is a process, even a daily practice and not just a moment in time.

The most encouraging part of adopting an abundance mindset is how it can connect you to people with totally different set of beliefs and values.  It instantly sustains inclusivity even with people who are dramatically different.

POP QUIZ: What do Mother Teresa and Donald Trump have most in common?  The answer is their abundance mindset.

Donald Trump says:  “If you’re going to think anyway, you might as well think big.”

Mother Teresa said: “The more we discover the magnitude and abundance of God’s gifts, the more we will find ourselves.” Again, the abundance mindset creates connections.

Bucky Fuller had this to say about [Read more…]

3 Ways Free Press Release Sites Can Cost You

publicity-houndPress release marketing is one of the most effective methods to generate both media attention and targeted traffic to your web site.

Now if a little voice in your head cries “Oh no! One more thing to learn!” just calmly tell the little voice “thanks for sharing” and know this: if you blog, write articles and email autoresponders, you can easily repurpose that content into press releases.

All you need is the right formula and resources which I’ll share with you at the conclusion of this article. Now once a press release is written you need to distribute it. Enter today’s topic: free press release sites. The allure of free distribution is quite appealing. You can submit articles for free so why not press releases, right?

Most often, articles appear in directories. (Like With press releases, they are distributed to thousands of different web sites. As a result, sometimes costs are involved.

And while free press release sites can work, be aware of these three ways free press release sites can cost you:

1. Extra time investment

Time is money. With paid distribution you can rely on just one service, especially with established newswires like PR Newswire, BusinessWire and Marketwire. Even PRWeb provides enough coverage all on its own.

However, some major newswires aren’t budget-friendly. So it’s natural to consider free press release sites. But instead of using one provider now you’re using several. Each comes with its own interface, unique requirements, upgrades, etc. [Read more…]

What Al Gore Taught Me About Promoting Books

al-goreThe specific incident I’m about to share with you took place on November 20th, 2002.  My life changed that night as did the lives of tens of thousands of other authors and info marketers.

It was warm autumn evening in Corte Madera, CA.  I was planning to meet a friend for dinner, but as I arrived at the restaurant the parking lot was packed.  I parked my car several blocks away and began walking toward the restaurant.

Across the walkway was the famous independent book store called Book Passage.  For some reason, it had a huge crowd standing outside the door that evening.

I asked a passer-by what was going on and she told me that “Al and Tipper Gore” were there for a book signing for their book, “Joined at the Heart”.

It’s not every day that a former vice president and his wife steps into my neighborhood, but my previous commitment influenced me to enter the restaurant and have dinner with my friend.

The entire time at dinner I was curious how for book signing was going for the Gores.  What questions they were answering, how many books they were selling and what their new book was about.

On the way back to my car after dinner, I ducked inside the book store — which was now emptying—and asked the woman behind the counter, “Hey, how many books did they sell?” [Read more…]