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“Every Name Every Time”

Benjamin Levy

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Benjamin Levy is acknoweldged as America’s #1 memory coach and he claims he can help almost anyone remember names they meet every time.

During this 60-minute Virtual Book Tour you’ll discover why Benjamin feels that his new book is for anyone, even if they have a bad memory.

He also review his time-proven techniques on how to remember names, why it matters and his F.A.C.E. method of boosting your memory!

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The 4 Most Reliable Tele-Interview Questions

Kolb Post1Whenever I conduct a Teleseminar interview with a thought leader in my area of interest, I often lean on the four learning styles that researcher David Kolb discovered in the 1980s.

Your listening audiences typically fit into four distinct learning styles Kolb uncovered and they are: WHY learners, WHAT learners, HOW learners and WHAT IF learners.

Which of the four learning styles do you feel that you fit into?

Regardless of your learning style, I believe anyone can become a great interviewer if they focus on what Kolb’s findings over 20 years ago.

To make it easy for you, here’s the questioning sequence template I utilize in my own interview that is a trusted friend to inoculate me from embarrassment or and criticism from blowing an interview:

  1. WHY is (TOPIC) so important for our audience to learn more about?

  2. WHAT is (TOPIC) by definition?

  3. HOW does (TOPIC) work in a step-by-step process?

  4. WHAT IF our listeners utilized the strategies you are teaching us about (TOPIC), what would their live be like in 30 days, 90 days, 1 year?

Just fill-in your topic of interest where you see “TOPIC” above and you’re good to go!

You can also ask questions about obstacles or strategies or questions that are specifically relevant to your topic and audience. But the four questions you can’t live without are the WHY, WHAT, HOW and WHAT IF questions.

I consider them my four most trusted servants to [Read more…]

The 4 Pillars of the New PR

PR PillarsNew PR offers far more publicity opportunities than old PR ever did, especially for those who are not marketing experts.

In “The New Rules of Marketing and PR” author David Meerman Scott explains, “The Internet has made public relations public again, after years of almost exclusive focus on media. Blogs, online news releases and other forms of Web content let organizations communicate directly with buyers.”

In the past, the media, as gatekeepers, deemed who received exposure and who didn’t. New PR offers many ways to reach prospects, buyers and key influencers directly.

And yet with so many choices available, it’s easy to over emphasize technology and tools while core activities like strategy development often receive short shrift.

For that reason, I present “The 4 Pillars of the New PR.” (Complete with handy mnemonic device for easy reference: each pillar begins with the letter “S.”)

New PR Pillar #1: Strategy

Strategy is “the what” and tactics are “the how.” The “what” could be [Read more…]

"The Myth Of Multitasking"

Dave Crenshaw

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Dave Crenshaw is now a best-selling author who
wrote this book for entrepreneurs and independent
pros who want to get more done, faster, easier.

During this 60-minute Virtual Book Tour, Dave
reveals why "multi-tasking" is a destructive
force to anyone’s workday and how to avoid it.

He also talks about sections of his book such as, "The Lie," "The Exercise,"
"The Truth" and the "The Deal"… just to name a few.

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READ THIS … If you missed the Video

articleIf you are just starting out in Article Marketing here is how to quickly and easily create your first 10 articles.

And by the way, this also works for more experienced writers and experts.

Your First 10 Articles

If you are serious about creating articles and the traffic that comes with them, then these are the simple steps I want you to follow:

Step 1 – Pick a specific topic in your niche that you know well. The more specific the better.

Step 2 – Make a list of 7tips you would give to your ideal client about this topic.

Step 3 – For each tip craft 35 – 50 words of explanation on how to use the tip.

You now have your first article. Now here come a few more … [Read more…]

Monetize Your “Fan Pages” on Facebook

Take a moment to watch this video and then follow-through with the CTA (Call-To-Action) I recommend during the video presentation.

This video will take just 4 mins, 39 secs out of your day, but what you discover may help you monetize your social media presence for the life of your business.


A few of my claims in this video may offend some online marketers, and yet put smiles on the faces of others.

What’s most important about this video is NOT my claim about the mass decomposition of media, or how the one-to-many marketing model is becoming obsolete.

What’s most important is for you realize that social media can be monetized if you utilize this simple Formula:

(Ask Squeeze Page) x (Facebook Fan Page) x (Teleseminar) = Faster Profits

Test it out so you can find out for yourself.

If you prefer to experience the process before you test is, just visit my special Facebook Fan Page and get registered for the free EMI Teleseminar(s) this Thurs, September 3rd.