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What It Takes to Acquire “The Knowledge”

BlackCabIt was a cold, rainy London morning on Monday, September 28th when I first learned about The Knowledge.

I was getting a tour of the city with a friend I met at a 5-day training when our London taxi driver suddenly began educating us on “The Knowledge.”

This education came after I asked for his candid recommendation about which London car service was the most reliable to hire.  Our driver’s answer was immediate, simple and straight-forward.

“Anyone you see driving a Black Cab in London must pass a test called The Knowledge.  The Black Cab drivers have already passed this test which demonstrates that they have an intimate knowledge of the streets in London,” he said.

“If you want to get to your destination faster and more reliably, just hail-down a Black Cab – like the one you’re in – and you will be delighted with the service,” he added.

It was a solid recommendation because the night before the taxi driver I chose wasn’t in a Black Cab and wasted twenty minutes of our time looking for a restaurant on a side-street he couldn’t find

He obviously didn’t have The Knowledge.

The 2 Rules of Marketing: If you want superior knowledge over your competitors to win every marketing game you play, you must first learn two important rules.  I teach my students these 2 Rules because they’re both critical.

Rule #1:  “Know your Market.” 

Rule #2:  “Never forget Rule #1.”

The Market for the London taxicab driver is the [Read more…]

Negative Publicity? Not for Ex-Baywatch Star

Web PRCelebrity and negative publicity often go together like hand in glove.

I’m sure you’ve followed the David Letterman extortion plot saga.He had affairs with female staff members and when faced with extortion he went public and admitted his failings with transparency and humor.

Letterman has received good grades in his response to the negative publicity. And his ratings are up 38% since the disclosure.And while Letterman’s ethics and response have been debated at length, in this article I focus on a lesser known celebrity’s response to negative publicity.

I chose this example because the issue is one more common and sympathetic: weight gain from a previously “hot” body.

Here’s the headline from The Huffington Post: “Nicole Eggert Fat? Baywatch Babe Takes on Weight Critics In Funny or Die Video”

The Situation

Nicole Eggert played lifeguard Summer Quinn in over45 episodes on Baywatch, the TV show from 1992-1994.

As such, she spent many an episode in [Read more…]

“Deep Dive” for a Fresh, New Perspective

Deep DiveI just reviewed my  favorite posts for 2009.  In today’s post I decided to list five of them (see below) for a “deep dive” and content review.

Please comment and share on all five and here they are in reverse chronological order:

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A daily “deep dive”  into material you’ve learned from in the past – blog posts, articles books and audio programs – is a great way to re-view and re-learn with a fresh and brand new perspective.

My suggested “deep dive” review (5 blog posts above) will take just 30 minutes out of your day, but the fresh new perspective you gain afterward may last you a lifetime!

My Morning Ritual: I do a “deep dive” into [Read more…]

“Everything Counts!”

Gary Ryan Blair

Listen to the Replay…

Gary Ryan Blair is widely known as the “Goals Guy” and his forthcoming book is written for anyone who wants to extract more nectar out of their life.

During this 60-minute Virtual Book Tour, Gary reveals why “every detail counts” and why goals count and why vision counts… basically, why “EVERYTHING” counts.

He also talks about sections of his book such as Joy, Diversity, Failure, Quality, Rewards, Focus and Commitment… just to name a few.

Click here to add this book to your library.

Revisit the World’s Greatest “Squeeze Page”

be productiveOn September 4th of this year, I flew in my marketing Team for a one day planning meeting.

There we were, sitting in my dining room waiting to eat lunch when Eric Lingenfelter, my web development director, asked this interesting question:

“What’s the world’s greatest ‘squeeze’ page?”

I thought about it.  My other team members thought about it.  We eventually went around the table with rapid-fire attempts to give the right answer.

But to every answer Eric kept shaking his head smiling and saying, “Nope, nope, nope, nope …” until I finally asked him what he thought was the world’s greatest squeeze page.

“The world’s greatest ‘squeeze’ page is …

Drum roll …

Take a guess …

Oh, c’mon … take a guess …

After you make your guess, grab your mouse and click ->->-> [Read more…]