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Alex’s 33 Slow-Read Book List for 2010

33 Slow-Read BooksThis video I’ve prepared combines the two Productivity Tips of the “morning review” principle and the 33 slowest-read books in my library.

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Please comment & share with my other readers (and viewers) your favorite books to re-view … those books you find yourself reviewing and re-reading again and again and again and again … for new insights, new discoveries, new lessons.

My list is made of 33 books.  And I call it my slow-read list because I read and re-read these books slowly, like  studying a “how to” course.

Click on the (more…) link below to see the complete list of 33 books.

The morning review – as I indicate in the video – is my private reading time I hold sacred each morning before I check email, voice mail or even get a cup of tea to start my day.  It’s the first thing I do … even when I travel.

I set my countdown timer for 33 minutes and then re-view a book from my list of 33 slow-read books in my library that you see in the video.

To see the complete list of 33 Slow-Read books, click -> [Read more…]

Holiday Greetings from the Mandossians

Holiday Greetings 2009In this video, I hope to demonstrate to you how “the evolution of a result is more important than the actual achievement of that result.”

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Each year in late December, I’ve shared our Holiday Greetings videos from our home.  This video happens to be my favorite because I’m not in the video, but our newest addition to our family is … her name is Ginger and she loves unconditionally :-)

You can click on any of the pictures from previous years.  The faces may change and the teams may change, but what seems to remain consistent is the evolution of holiday spirit.

And as you watch and smile at how my children – Gabriel and Breanna – have evolved sitting on Santa’s lap year after year, I encourage you to think about what your #1 area of improvement was for 2009.

In what area of your personal or professional life would you consider yourself most improved?  What seemingly overwhelming challenge did you conquer?  What problem did you solve?  What predicament did you overcome?

Take and moment to think about it and then write it down and declare it publicly so others who are also reading this blog post can comment and share.

What To Do Now: Please comment and share your most significant improvement in any of these major 7 categories of your life – Business/Career, Finance, Fun, Health/Fitness, Relationships, Personal or Contribution.

How YOUR Testimonials Attract More Traffic

TestimonialMost entrepreneurs think it’s difficult to attract more targeted website or blog visitors.

But I’ve found that the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to draw in monetizable traffic is through authentic testimonials.

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One of the best ways to draw in new website traffic is to do what I call the Sandwich Video Testimonial.  That’s where you give an authentic, meaningful endorsement to a thought leader or teacher who typically has more monthly website traffic than you do.

I recently taught this methodology at a CEO Space class on the main stage, so if you’ve got 2 minutes, 44 seconds to view the video I’m talking about, just click here and comment and share.

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Simple Secret That Maximizes Platform Sales

MegaPresenterThe team that gets along the best with each other (rapport) almost always outperforms the team with the best talent.  Most basketball and football coaches know this adage and I’ve found it to be true with platform promotions.

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Fortunately for me, Harv Eker and Joel Roberts, the UK Team and Crew that SRI co-founders, Veronica and Richard Tan assembled during Guerrilla Business Intensive (GBI), had two critical advantages:  1) Rapport and 2) Talent.

Veronica and Richard Tan run the largest seminar company in Asia and they’re soon to become the largest seminar company in Australia and in the United Kingdom.

If you’re a platform presenter, professional speaker or trainer and you’ve got 3 minutes, 26 seconds to spare right now then I want you to CLICK HERE so you can  COMMENT & SHARE this Productivity Tip right now.

So if you’re a presenter who focuses on the content of your presentations, I encourage to restructure your focus on the context of your presentation because it’s far more decisive to creating wild success and profits at your speaking events.

The context I’m talking about is [Read more…]

Will You Join Me On “The BIG Call?”

GlobalTSWeekMasterToday, December 1st, marks the first day of Global Teleseminar Week which also begins Teleseminar Marketing Season in winter and spring.

And on the first Thursday of December (for the past five years), I’ve hosted “The BIG Call” which is my biggest and most content-rich Teleseminar training of the year.  Do what it takes to join me, okay?

I really want you to clear your calendar for that evening and as you register for The BIG Call VIP Code: AM3964.  That VIP Code shaves-off $79 from the $99 tuition everybody will pay without it.

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1) More Money: You’ll dramatically increase the possibility of transforming your annual income into a monthly income within 3 years, or less!

2) More Time: You’ll dramatically increase the possibility of maintaining your current income (if you’re happy with your current income) and triple your time-off!

WHAT Is The BIG Call? It is a LIVE and unique Teleseminar training on how to grow (or start) a business by adding the cash-generating power of Teleseminars to your current and future marketing mix.

You will also get access to a 21-page Action Guide that you’ll fill-in during the call as you listen and follow along with me guiding you every minute along the way.

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