Introducing the “Think – Play” Matrix

Abundance2Where you end-up in the Think-Play Matrix determines the results you get in your personal and professional life.

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This simple 4-quadrant model offers an interesting and fresh new perspective into the abundance vs. scarcity mindsets and I’ve chosen it as my topic of discussion on the evening of January 21st, during the Virtual Abundance Expo.

What Is The Think-Play Matrix? Picture an “X-Y Axis” that has a 4-quadrant grid inside it.  The “X” axis that runs east and west represents the way you Think.   It’s about the “inner game” of the thoughts driven by the head, or what you think about.

The “Y” axis that runs north and south represents the way you Play. It’s more about the “outer game” of what your heart inspires you to do , or how you play.

If the X-axis represents the head and the Y-axis represents the heart, then the 4 possible Think-Play combinations are:

  • Think Small – Play BIG
  • Think BIG – Play BIG
  • Think BIG – Play Small
  • Think Small – Play Small

Things start getting interesting when you consider how other people fit into this model.   I believe that each of the 7 pairs of people think and play differently, even when they face identical topics or circumstances.

Take a moment decide which of the four quadrants each of these 14 famous people fall into:

  1. Equal Rights (Nelson Mandela vs. Al Sharpton)
  2. Personal Branding (Paris Hilton vs. Ivanka Trump)
  3. Investment Advice (Warren Buffett vs. Bernie Madoff)
  4. Handling Infidelity (Bill Clinton vs. Tiger Woods)
  5. Presidential Elections (John McCain vs. Barack Obama)
  6. Hitting Homers (Barry Bonds vs. Hank Aaron)
  7. Attracting Brad Pitt (Angelina Jolie vs. Jennifer Aniston)

Some of the topics may seem a little trivial side or even silly to debate.  But I’m mentioning them here because all the people I’ve paired-off are headliners and have appeared on national television, magazines and newspapers.

It gets even more interesting when each of the 4 quadrants are labeled with specific words that describe the mindset of each quadrant.

Here’s how I see the word labels for each:

  • Think Small (TS) – Play BIG (PB) is about Ignorance
  • Think BIG (TB) – Play BIG (PB) is about Abundance
  • Think BIG (TB) – Play Small (PS) is about Arrogance
  • Think Small (TS) – Play Small (PS) is about Scarcity

You could argue (as one reader did) that the TS-PB Quadrant is about arrogance and the TB-PS Quadrant is about ignorance – that I have it reversed.  But I totally disagree.

This may sound harsh, but whenever I observe someone (including myself) who has big ideas (TB), but takes small actions (PS) to manifest those ideas, I consider that as an act of arrogance.

I don’t look at arrogance as something good or bad, I simply look at it as a disparity between mindset (Thinking Big) and heartset (Playing Small).

I realize that arrogance is an emotionally charged for most people, but in the context of the Think-Play Matrix, it is simply a matter of thinking you have more ability than your acquired capability.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Similarly, whenever I observe someone who has taken massive action (PB), but has put very little thought behind it (TS), then I see ignorance.

Con men and women fall into TS-PB Quadrant because fear (Playing Small) doesn’t prevent TS-PB people from taking taking massive action.  The problem is their thinking destroys and takes away value rather than creating more of it.

Take Bernie Madoff as an example.  He took massive action (PB) , but his Small Thinking (thinking he could get away with it) motivated him to steal from thousands of investors who assumed he lived in the TB-PB Quadrant.

Finally, I believe (and you’re welcome to argue this point) that all thoughts and actions begin to germinate in the TS-PS Quadrant and want to have the TB-PB Quadrant as their final destination.

Think about your own experiences for a moment.  Whenever you’ve transformed little ideas into big ones to create value yourself and others, didn’t you typically start in the lower-left, TS-PS Quadrant?

In my own experience,  it’s never a straight, diagonal path.  It’s always curved.

Over the years, I’ve discovered that my biggest ideas (thinking) and actions (playing) took the Ignorance route (via TS-PB) or the Arrogance route (via TB-PB).

I haven’t yet decided which route I prefer, but what I do know is that it’s never a straight diagonal line :-)

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