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Is This the Future of Book Publishing?

[youtube: 480 295]

This clever video was brought to my attention by my literary agent, Bonnie Solow, who also happens to be the literary agent for Harv Eker, Jack Canfield, Phil Town and others.

A lot is as stake in the book publishing world these days, so if you have a “traditional” book in your heart; or, if you’re in the process of getting your manuscript published, watch up to the 1 min, 7 sec mark – then notice what happens ;-)

You’ll be glad you did.

In the meantime, take a look at what my friend, Geneen Roth is up to lately … she has a new runaway best-selling book titled: Women Food And God.  I’m conducting a VBT with her in April … and you’ll get to see her on Oprah in May!

What To Do Now: Please comment and share how you feel the future of book publishing change the way we consume information in the next 10 years.  Be candid, brief and speak from your own experience.

Action Guides Accelerate Your Learning

If you teach at seminars, workshops and Inner Circle gatherings, then you want to take advantage of the power of the Action Guide principle.

Click here if you’re in a hurry to watch, comment and share the video.

I’m writing here from my own experience when I say, “Action Guides accelerate the learning of your students, clients, patients or customers!”

Do what it takes to invest your time and money to create and get Action Guides into the hands of your audiences and the watch your sales and profits will grow!

I give my students Action Guides even when there are thousands in the room such as Harv Eker’s Peak Potentials events.  Click here to learn more about Peak Potentials and why their events have so much impact for lifelong learners.

If you attend seminars, then you already know how any speaker who takes the time, energy and makes the investment to put an Action Guide into your handswill boost and cement your retention on the content being taught.

At this point, you may be saying to yourself: [Read more…]

“Use Your Head To Get Your Foot In The Door”

Harvey Mackay

Listen to the Replay…

Harvey Mackay is the author of the #1 New York Times bestsellers "Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive" and "Beware the Naked Man Who Offers You His Shirt."

During this 60-minute Virtual Book Tour for his new book, "Use Your Head to Get Your Foot in the Door" Harvey reveals his closely-guarded job search secrets no one else will tell you.

Get this book if you’re looking for a job, negotiating for a raise or just want to become more persuasive when dealing others anywhere, anytime. And check out Harvey’s unique unconditional money-back guarantee!

Click here to add this book to your library.

The Google Alert You Never Got

On March 11th, I received an email alert from my buddy, Marc Harty who posts his PR Traffic tips on this blog.

His email was disturbing because it was in response to an an email he received from my about my Virtual Book Tour with another buddy of mine, Harvey Mackay.

Here’s what Marc wrote me:

Alex, I wanted to let you know this right away … Gmail doesn’t show URLs with initial caps as link. This changed happened recently.  For a URL to be a link in Gmail it needs to contain:  1. the “www” and 2. all lowercase . Thought you should know.

Gee, thanks Marc … both  my emails for Harvey Mackay were in the queue and sent, so I couldn’t anything about it and I did get over 500 people on that VBT to listen in … but I wonder how many more people could have listened if I was aware of the recent change.

If you’re scratching you head right now say “Huh?” to yourself, then do yourself a favor and watch a 2 min. 5 sec video posted by Frank Bauer.  It’s the best explanation I’ve seen and he posted it back on Feb. 10th!

Click here for the video tutorial and please put a ton of comments on Frank’s blog and show him some love :-)  Tell him I sent you.  His “fluff-free” style of explaining the predicament that Google failed to announce is worth passing on.

What To Do Now: 1) Watch the VIDEO … 2) Comment and share … and as Frank says, 3) Have “an awesome day!”

“Payback Time”

Phil Town

Listen to the Replay…

Today Phil Town is a self-made multi-millionaire and one of America’s most sought-after speakers on investing. But Phil isn’t your typical Wall Street investment guy.

During this 60-minute Virtual Book Tour, Phil reveals what everyone should know about investing the way the rich do!

If you have any mutual funds or 401K investments, you’ll want to listen to this Virtual Book Tour. It really doesn’t matter how much money you have (or owe) right now, let Phil show you how he turned his $4K monthly salary into multi-millions! Get a few books for friends and family.

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