The Google Alert You Never Got

On March 11th, I received an email alert from my buddy, Marc Harty who posts his PR Traffic tips on this blog.

His email was disturbing because it was in response to an an email he received from my about my Virtual Book Tour with another buddy of mine, Harvey Mackay.

Here’s what Marc wrote me:

Alex, I wanted to let you know this right away … Gmail doesn’t show URLs with initial caps as link. This changed happened recently.  For a URL to be a link in Gmail it needs to contain:  1. the “www” and 2. all lowercase . Thought you should know.

Gee, thanks Marc … both  my emails for Harvey Mackay were in the queue and sent, so I couldn’t anything about it and I did get over 500 people on that VBT to listen in … but I wonder how many more people could have listened if I was aware of the recent change.

If you’re scratching you head right now say “Huh?” to yourself, then do yourself a favor and watch a 2 min. 5 sec video posted by Frank Bauer.  It’s the best explanation I’ve seen and he posted it back on Feb. 10th!

Click here for the video tutorial and please put a ton of comments on Frank’s blog and show him some love :-)  Tell him I sent you.  His “fluff-free” style of explaining the predicament that Google failed to announce is worth passing on.

What To Do Now: 1) Watch the VIDEO … 2) Comment and share … and as Frank says, 3) Have “an awesome day!”



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