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How Do I Get Gobs of Traffic to My Articles?

article marketing,ezinearticles,jeff herring, traffic,traffic generationFresh from the Article Marketing Round Table I led at the recent Glazer-Kennedy Super Conference in Dallas, here is one of the FAQs I got:

Q: Once I have created my article(s), how do I get traffic to my articles?

A: I really like this question, because there are just so many great answers to it. I’ve got room for only 3 in this article, and here they are:

1) – One of the first things I learned about getting traffic on the Internet is this:

“Don’t chase after traffic. Find out where the traffic is going and get your information in front of it.”

When you get your articles on you are getting yourself in front of over 30 + million unique visitors a month. These are folks searching in specific categories for your specific information. This is a great way to connect highly qualified prospects with your information and invite them back to your web site or blog.

Your goal should be to get as many articles up on this Article Directory as you can, and establish yourself as an expert in your niche or area of expertise.

2) OPT – This stands for “Other People’s Traffic” and you get it when you click here to read the rest of the article…

What Is An “Engaged” Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship is binary. That means you’re either engaged in growing your business, or you’re disengaged.  There is no in-between.

According to my colleague Greg Habstritt, if you’re a disengaged entrepreneur, then you’re probably exhausted.  And as an exhausted entrepreneur you probably face each day living into activities that are draining and unproductive.

The reason I bring it up is because if you want more money, more clients and more time-off from your business, then becoming an engaged entrepreneur means saying “No” more often.

Engaged entrepreneurs say “Yes” only to those daily activities, joint venture partners, seminars and educational products that are relevant to their immediate growth needs.

It’s never too late to surround yourself with engaged entrepreneurs and on June 4th – 6th, I’m co-hosting an event in Calgary, Alberta, Canada (founded by Greg Habstritt) that celebrates engaged entrepreneurs.

If you’re reading this post in time and it makes sense for you to say “Yes” (and you’re willing to say “No” to whatever you had planned that weekend) then click here to watch an important video I prepared for you and 11 other very special entrepreneurs.