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How to Re-Channel Targeted Traffic

social marketing, traffic, alex mandossian, jeff herring, traffic generation, twitter,facebook,youtube,ezinearticlesSocial Marketing – Don’t Chase After Traffic, Find Out Where Traffic is Going and Get in Front of It 

One of the first things I learned about getting traffic to your web sites is this: Don’t Chase After Traffic, Find Out Where Traffic is Going and Get in Front of It!

This was true back when I first started and is true now as well. The really good news is that it is so much easier to get in front of traffic now with Social Media Marketing.

Many of the top Social Marketing sites are among the highest ranked website in terms of traffic. is a site that ranks websites.  (Number one is the best, which currently is

I’m going to spoon-feed you a few time-proven strategies to utilize four of the top Social Media sites, along with their Alexa rankings

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“Portal to Genius”

Leslie Householder
& Garrett Gunderson

Listen to the Replay…

Follow the Goodmans, who are at the end of their financial rope. Morgan needs a life-saving solution for his son, and Ray who needs to find $4.5 million dollars by Wednesday… as they each discover their Portal to Genius.

Built on the premise that the solution to every problem is just an idea away, Garrett B. Gunderson (NY Times best selling author of Killing Sacred Cows) and Leslie Householder (award-winning best selling author of The Jackrabbit Factor), bring you an experience you’ll never forget through this brilliant work true to its name.

This is a heart-centered story that is certain to change your relationship with money and how you adapt to the “Great Recession” we seem to be in right now.

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