5 Ways to Create Thoughtful Content on Facebook, Twitter and Your Blog

What I’m about to share may be against what you’ve thought social media is all about. I invite you to put your judgements to the side until after you’ve experienced all 5 ideas below for yourself. Then, I want to hear YOUR thoughts on thoughtful content.

  1. Start writing the way you talk. When you have a great idea, how do you express it to others verbally? Write the same way.
  2. Stop writing about your company and your products/services. Over promoting your business is the number one mistake people make with social media posting. Instead, start thinking about what buyer problems you can solve and share insightful topics that will appeal to them.
  3. Start writing on purpose. What’s the purpose for your blog? Your Facebook page? For Tweeting? What are you trying to accomplish. Figure this out first and creating content becomes easier.
  4. Stop spending more time on the content than you do the titles. Creating great titles is the most important part of creating great content. Start spending 80% of your content creation time thinking and writing your headline. Then spend the other 20% actually writing the rest.
  5. Start being original. Instead of quoting other people, start quoting yourself. Instead of referencing great research, start doing and writing about your own research.

It’s only 5 things to think about. Yet it can take you 5 days, 5 months or even 5 years to master them.

Start now.

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