How To Make A Case Study

How do you boost your productivity with creating case studies?

First, what is a case study? In the area of testimonials and endorsements, I think the lowest level is an endorsement. That is something that’s said about you, something nice, typically by a friend or colleague. It doesn’t hold as much water as a testimonial.

A testimonial is the next level where someone has purchased your product or service and has said something good about it because it worked.

A case study is the highest level. A case study is a business story about how your product or service has assisted or shown them how to get to the promise land — to get to the result they’ve been looking for.

I have three tips to make your case studies more productive.

To see the tips, look through the document below:

Do you have video testimonials from your customers? If so, please provide a brief explanation in the comments section below about how you were able to get it, and feel free to share the link to the video if you have uploaded it online. 



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