Internet Marketing Action Secrets: How to Create Your Master To Do List

There are so many actions you need to take to be successful in internet marketing that I create a daily master to do list.

I don’t use a palm pilot or Outlook for this. I use a physical master to-do list. It’s very important you do it this way because this is the way that works. I’ve tried it other ways and it hasn’t worked – it was overwhelming.

I am looking at my yellow pad that’s about five inches wide by seven inches tall. It’s a small junior legal pad with 50 sheets on it. It’s yellow and has about 20 lines on it.

I use this pad because I like to fill it up. When I fill it up, I feel like I’m doing something.

This pad is where I put my master to-do list. My list is not written the day I want to do those things, it’s written the day before – sometimes a few days before. You want to write your master to-do list for the future.

Why? Because it’s easier to come to a desk that’s clean and has a master to-do list that’s already been written sitting on it – that way, you can start your first prime-time hour by attacking that list and crossing things out.

Isn’t that a lot easier than trying to invent things to do?

The master to do list

The master to-do list is the first element – write out your action items. Remember, this is action management. Write out your action management in advance – at least a day before. Don’t write any more than 20 actions per day. I typically complete anywhere between 15 and 20. That’s all that’s humanly possible.

The second element is as I execute each action item, I cross out those suckers with a red felt-tip pen I bought specifically for that purpose. Do you know why I do that? I get to see all I’ve accomplished. I feel so good when I write those things down, and then cross them out with a red pen because they’re done.

At the end of the day, what happens?

The third element of creating your master to-do list. What do I do if I have three or four actions left over on my list? I put them on a new list. Let’s say it’s Tuesday. I’m going to flip the page. Make sure you flip the page. At the end of my day, I just cross out all of the ones I’m going to flip to the next day. That is very important. I cross out every single one, and I flip the ones I haven’t completed to the next day. If I have twelve left over, I didn’t have a very well-managed day, but I have twelve things to start out with tomorrow.

So, maybe I can do better.

Crossing out every single one of those actions is so satisfying to me, even though I have more for the next day, because the next day hasn’t started. I take the sheet of paper from today, scrunch it up and throw it in the wastebasket. That day is gone.

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