Discover the Power of FAQ Templates to Capture More Online Sales

If you want to capture more online sales faster, better and with the least amount of human effort then I encourage you to develop FAQ templates.

What are FAQ templates? Well FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. So FAQ Templates are templates that allow you to include frequently asked questions on your web sites, blogs, and other marketing communications.

Adding FAQ sections to your websites and other marketing communications are often your very best automated sales tools that consistently and repeatedly capture more sales by minimizing resistance.

Whatever your area of expertise, there are frequently asked questions by your prospects and even your members and customers. You discover these FAQs in at least 2 ways:

1. Pay attention to what your prospects and community is typically asking you, and

2. Ask them. Ask them what their questions are, what their biggest challenges are, what they struggle with the most.

Then provide both the questions and answers on your web sites and marketing messages and you have now answered new prospects questions before they have even asked them. This ups your perceived expert status and reduces sales resistance from the beginning.

Prospects come to your web site with questions that are often resistances. Answering FAQs even before they are asked moves the resistance out of the way.

Another benefit of FAQs

Another great benefit of FAQs is you can collect them and turn them into products and marketing materials. How about a free ten episode ecourse answering one FAQ a day? How about collecting over a hundred FAQs and turning them into a teleseminar, audio CD or ebook on “The 101 Most Frequently Asked Questions About (Your Niche Topic?)

Bottom Line? You can increase your revenues simply by answering questions even before they are even asked.

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