Discover the Power of Becoming Results-Oriented

Most entrepreneurs are exhausted because they feel like they are busy all the time. They are keeping so many plates spinning at once and believe they must be doing well if they are so busy. And yet they are stunned to realize they are busy and tired and broke.

If you want boost your impact on others, as well as influence the outcomes of your personal and professional life, then start thinking in terms of achieving “results” instead engaging in mundane “activities.” Most entrepreneurial CEOs sacrifice their credibility when they confuse their activities with their accomplishments or “results.”

Any entrepreneurial CEO can instantly boost their credibility and track record whenever they engage in “results-centered” dialogues with their Teams or Vendors. Humor author Dave Barry once said “If we could identify one work in the English language that is responsible for our overall lack of progress that word would be “meetings.”

These kind of meetings are one of the main reasons we can feel busy, tired, exhausted and stressed out, and still be experiencing poor results.

“Results-Centered” dialogues are when two people agree and commit to produce an outcome or “result” that is specifically measurable and sustainably predictable. At the end of each “meeting” or discussion review what has been decided, who is going to do what, when they are going to do it, and the result or outcome for which you are aiming.

This clears up any confusion, lessens your stress, and allows you to get more done in less time. Counting your results is much better than counting your activities.

Bottom Line: When you start focusing on “results” you life will change because you’ll become more productive faster, better and with less human effort.

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