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How To Boost Productivity by Creating Case Studies

A case study is a story—a business story—about how your product or service has assisted someone or shown someone how to get to the result that they have been looking for.

I have three tips to make your case studies more productive:

Tip Number 1: The PAR Formula
Tip Number 2: A Challenge or Contest Model
Tip Number 3: Post Video Testimonials

Learn more about each tip now by [Read more…]

How To Build An Information Empire

Would you like to know how to build an information empire faster, easier and with less over all human effort?

Then repurposing is the key to making one idea many and building your information empire far faster than with generating one information product at a time.

Take a bedtime story for example. Most parents have read their kids bedtime stories (and oftentimes it′s the same one over and over). The information empire equivalent of a bedtime story is an audio CD.

It′s you reading your book. And when you read your book, you end up giving a bedtime story that has the same affect. Everyone enjoys being read to.

On any long trip, I drive with some kind of powerful information coming out of the car speakers. While driving I can’t read a book, but I sure can listen to and enjoy one on CD.

If not a CD, then repurpose into MP3 download. No matter what the format, all you need to do is read your book.

Articles are another great way to repurpose [Read more…]

Social Media Success: What It Takes

Last month I published a post about social media strategies titled, “5 Ways to Make Your Social Media Strategy More Effective.” In the post, I outlined five specific tips to help make your social media strategy more effective. In case you missed it, click here to read it now.

If you did read it, I’d like to briefly outline the five tips outlined to refresh your memory. Here they are:

1. Be Consistent — This means having a plan for how much time you’re willing to spend managing your social media sites, when you plan on updating your sites, and figuring out what kind of updates you want to share with your community.

2. Have Variety — If you want to see success with your social media efforts, you need to make it your goal to post about a variety of topics in a variety of ways.

3. Listen —  It’s essential that you understand that part of having a presence on social media means actually making the efforts to listen to what others have to say about your company or your industry.

4. Respond — Making the effort to respond to what your followers are saying about you or your business on social media will be crucial to the overall success of your presence on social media sites.

5. Have Fun — If you allow yourself to have a little fun when it comes to social media, you’ll notice the changes in the effectiveness of your social media strategies.

Now that you have the five tips I outlined in my previous post fresh in your mind, I would like to share with you five additional tips that [Read more…]

How To Overcome The Fear of Success

“The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure.” – Sven Goran Eriksson

There are two major fears that commonly get in the way of most entrepreneurs: the first fear is the fear of failure. When individuals struggle with this fear, they do everything we can to avoid getting started. The second fear is the fear of success. Although understanding both fears is important, I’d like to focus on the second fear mentioned. I’m going to guess that you’ve feared success at some level. It happens to everyone. You become afraid that something is going to work, and some way along the way  you stop doing it, you sabotage and start blaming the things that didn’t work . I have a very specific system that I followed in order to overcome this common challenge, and I want you to try using it as well.

Here are the two ways to overcome the fear of [Read more…]

Live from the Ultimate Internet Boot Camp!

I’m in New Jersey this week for the Ultimate Internet Bootcamp (UIBC 11), and wanted to share a quick video with you. We’re especially excited about this particular UIBC event because of the fact that it’s our eleventh one to date, and we’re gearing up to celebrate the upcoming corresponding date: 11-11-11 (November 11, 2011)! Watch below as 200 entrepreneurs celebrate making their first dollar online at the Ultimate Internet Boot Camp 2011!

Your future participation in UIBC will mark the beginning of an entirely new, liberated, prosperous, and truly remarkable life. You won’t just learn WHAT TO DO, or simply HOW TO DO IT, but you will actually DO IT RIGHT THERE during all five days of the boot camp! To find out when your next event is happening, click here:

Make The Internet Your Sales Scalpel — An Excerpt From Harvey Mackay’s New Book

I was lucky enough to have recently contributed to a new book by my good friend, New York Times best selling author and sales legend, Harvey Mackay. In the book, I was able to share my experience with selling online in a chapter titled,  Make The Internet  Your Sales Scalpel. Here is an excerpt of that chapter in which I provide answers to a number of questions asked by Harvey:

Some salespeople say: “The Internet is a fine tool for some folks, especially younger ones. Me? I’m of the old school.” Is that realistic: Can anyone in sales these days afford not to sell over the Internet?

It’s possible to sell without the help of the Internet, but it makes the salesperson’s job a lot tougher and less rewarding. The Internet is an “old school” selling adjunct, not a replacement . . . a reliable, low-cost prospecting tool to pre-qualify prospects.

Pre-qualifying prospects the old school, human-to-human way reduces productivity and invites personal rejection. The 21st-century selling pro puts the burden of pre-qualifying on the Internet. 

Online pre-qualification tools such as assessments, surveys, and tutorials dramatically reduce customer acquisition costs and practically eliminate personal rejection. Sales professionals should have online pre-qualification systems in place. This screening lets them deal only with educated prospects during their initial human interaction.   [Read more…]

How To Deliver What Customers Really Want

Do you put your customers at the center of your business? If not, what is stopping you from doing so? I recently watched a thought provoking video that illustrates the idea of reorganizing and reinventing in order to create a customer-centric business. 

Watch the video now:

Why do you think understanding customers is such an important part of the overall success of a business? Do you agree with the ideas presented by Ranjay Gulati? Please leave your comments in the Facebook Comments section below. I look forward to reading your responses! Thank you. 

Three Tips for Building a Great Workplace

Every leader or management team wants to know how to build and run a successful workplace, but for some, it’s hard to know what to focus on. I wanted to take some time to share a quick video from Entrepreneur Magazine that highlights three tips for building a great workplace. Before you watch the video, look over this brief summary of the tips:

Tip #1: Practice humility, and actually treat your employees as colleagues.

Tip #2: Hire the best talent you can.

Tip #3: Preach and practice a clear vision with a strong set of values.

For an explanation of each of these tips, [Read more…]