Live from the Ultimate Internet Boot Camp!

I’m in New Jersey this week for the Ultimate Internet Bootcamp (UIBC 11), and wanted to share a quick video with you. We’re especially excited about this particular UIBC event because of the fact that it’s our eleventh one to date, and we’re gearing up to celebrate the upcoming corresponding date: 11-11-11 (November 11, 2011)! Watch below as 200 entrepreneurs celebrate making their first dollar online at the Ultimate Internet Boot Camp 2011!

Your future participation in UIBC will mark the beginning of an entirely new, liberated, prosperous, and truly remarkable life. You won’t just learn WHAT TO DO, or simply HOW TO DO IT, but you will actually DO IT RIGHT THERE during all five days of the boot camp! To find out when your next event is happening, click here:



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