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Former Beatle, Paul McCartney once said to John Lennon before writing a new song: “Let’s write a swimming pool!”

What he meant is that any talented song artist can easily generate enough money to build a swimming pool, a car, a dream vacation, or just about anything they want.

What if you could do the same online? That’s why I want you to accept this ┬áspecial invitation…

There’s far more to that famous quote than most people realize, because you can be a “rock star” online if you’re open to learn from us.

Look, when the Beatles wrote a hit song, the money didn’t just come in once, it continued to flow forever.

The money keeps pouring in even now, 47 years later!

Consider just one of the more than 300 songs that the Beatles recorded: “I Wanna Hold Your Hand.”

Remember it?

It came out in 1964 (the same year I was born) and in 564 months since its release, Paul McCartney and John Lennon’s estate have been paid monthly recurring income to the ‘tune’ of countless millions of dollars whenever it’s purchased, played on the radio, or performed.

The same concept is possible online, using the power of a very special type of website.

I’d like to invite you to join us, January 13-15th 2012 in Los Angeles, CA, for a game changing event called: “The Ultimate Membership Site Seminar”.

It’s the world’s first event where you’ll actually build your new membership site in real-time – right there in the seminar room – and walk away with a residual income-based site that’s ‘open for business’.

Click here to learn more about it and to register now…



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