How To Eliminate Messes And Become More Productive

How do you boost productivity with cleaning up messes? It doesn’t matter what you do or who you are, chances are you have messes in your life right now. Look in your garage, look under your sink, look in your child’s bedroom—there’s usually a mess there. I have three tips on how to eliminate messes. By eliminating messes, by making your home or office less cluttered, it allows you to become a more productive person. You’ll be able to get more done faster, better, and easier. Here are the three tips:

Tip Number 1: Chunk down your messes into smaller, manageable groups. I’ll give you an example. Let’s say I have 50 objects on my garage floor, and I want to chunk those down into manageable groups. I don’t try to get rid of all 50 at the same time. Instead, I’ll find five boxes and I’ll put ten items in each of those five boxes. Then I’ll address one box per day. After a week, those fifty items become no problem. By chunking them down, it not only becomes more manageable, it’s a lot neater too.

Tip Number 2: Have a countdown timer. I like to set my timer to 50 minutes in order to create tension for myself to get as much done in that period of time as possible. Regardless of how much of the task I complete, I stop after the 50 minutes and move on to my next task. It makes it fun, it makes it manageable, and it helps me get a lot more done.

Tip Number 3: Celebrate the little wins. When you have a win—like cleaning out your garage—celebrate it! It means you are on the right track for getting more done faster, better, and easier. Celebrate when the timer goes off. Spend time with your family, get something to eat, go for a walk. It will motivate you to go back and complete more and more tasks.

Messes are a default in life, and when you unclutter your life and you clean up messes, you will get more done faster, better, and easier, and you will do it as a result of chunking things down, having a countdown timer, and celebrating your wins.

Want even more insight and information about these three tips? Watch the video below:

What is your strategy for eliminating messes? What works for you? I’d love to hear your success stories. Leave me a comment in the Facebook Comments section below. Thank you!



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