How to Leverage “Transit Learning”

How many hours do you spend in your car? If you’re like most people the answer is about an hour a day which equates to nine 40-hour work weeks! The following video was originally recorded in the summer, but includes a tip that can be used year-round to put more “passive” and “active” learning into any commute.

If I’m driving, I listen to audio. That’s passive learning. You’re still focused on the road, but you’re listening to podcasts, how-to courses, or audiobooks. 

If you’re not driving, use it as an opportunity to get on the phone and talk. Whether you are on your way to the airport or being driven to an event, you can use the downtime to be productive. To learn more, please watch the video  below:

I want to read about your additional tips. Please take some time to leave your comments and advice below. I look forward to starting a discussion on this topic. Thank you!



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